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Theaters of the region

Theater life of Karaganda inhabitants is saturated and substantial. Arisen at a dawn of formation the areas which have grown together with the cities' theatrical collectives through decades carried by creative enthusiasm the special confidential relation to the audience. And history of them really rich.

Regional Kazakh dramatic theater named of S.Seyfullin

It is created in 1932 from a theatrical circle which was called as theater of young workers - TWY and consisted generally of young miners of builders. KAZSSR Z.Koshkumbayev, Zh.Shashkina, S. Telgarayev, Z.Zhakupov, T.Zhabayev honored artists and others became founders of theater. The theater opened in 1932 a performance premiere according to A.Shanin's play "Zaure". The leading role was executed by Zhamilya Shashkina. In 1934 the troupe of theater replenished with new actors. These are KAZSSR R.Koyshybayev, A.Musabekova, M. Surtubayev's national actors, honored artists KAZSSR A. Shaymerdenov, M. Bektenov. The young collective began professional activity with N. V. Gogol's comedy "Marriage". In repertoire of theater there were B. Maylin's performances " Майдан", « Талтанбайдьң тәртібі»), S. Seyfullin’s « Қызыл сұңқарлар», Z.Shanin’s « Аркалық батыр» and other statements.

Due to the transfer of the center of area to the city of Karaganda in 1936 the theater began to be called as regional drama theater. The creative structure of theater included honored artists KAZSSR M.Abdikarimov, Z.Shaymerdenova and the first director who has graduated from GITIS N. Kamalov. Leading actors of theater M. Surtubayev and Zh.Shashkina in 1936 participated in decade of the Kazakh art and literature in Moscow.

In days of the Great Patriotic War actors of the Kazakh dramatic theater addressed to fighters of Red army. The repertoire of theater replenished with performances containing idea of patriotism, friendship of the people, love for the country. These are M. Auezov's statements « Кара қыпшақ Кобыланды», "Guilty though guiltless" A.Ostrovsky. In 1944 the rank "Honored artist KAZSSR" is appropriated to 8 actors of theater, 6 actors are awarded by the Certificate of honor of the Supreme Council of KAZSSR. After war in 1945 to troupe of theater the telegram from I.V.Stalin where he thanked staff of theater for collecting money for the front came.

In 1964 the name of the prominent Kazakh writer, statesman S. Seyfullin is appropriated to theater and to the 50 anniversary in 1982 the theater is awarded the order Friendship of the people.

In 2008 the theater moved to a new building on Bukhar Zhyrau Avenue.

The theater of a name of S. Seyfullin is today one of leading theaters of Kazakhstan. The winner of many theatrical festivals, the participant of the World theatrical festival in Cairo (Egypt, 2000). On a scene of theater of statement of work of the Kazakh, Russian and foreign authors.

Regional Russian dramatic theater named of K.Stanislavsky

In 1930 the group of enthusiasts created in the center of Kazakhstan a mobile propaganda team «The live newspaper» which served first builder of Turksib. Three cars plied from Semipalatinsk to Tashkent. Theatrical Reports, jokes, cartoons, sketches, limericks, litmontazh- such were forms of speech of actors. In 1932 the mobile theater as a part of the Turksib political train is created.

Vasily Mikhaylovich Portnov was the first theater director. It was not only the manager, but also the art director of theater, the author of plays, propaganda limericks,. In 18 years of the management of V. theater M. Portnov promoted that the mobile brigade of Turksib grew in professional drama theater much. In 1948 V. M. Portnov was appointed the director of republican drama theater of a name of M.Yu.Lermontov.

The first years of existence into repertoire of theater included performances of such recognized writers and playwrights, as W.Shakespeare, E.Voynich, etc.

In days of the Great Patriotic War the Karaganda actors as a part of concert brigades addressed to fighters of the front, in base hospitals, working staff of mines and mines.

In 1954 Russian drama theater was separated from the Kazakh drama theater. In 1962 for fruitful theatrical activity the name of the great director of the present of K.S.Stanislavsky was appropriated to drama theater of Karaganda.

In 1981 in honor of the fiftieth anniversary the theater was awarded the order Friendship of the people.

From 1961 to 1997 the permanent theater director was the national actor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Victor Kirillovich Borisov. Under its Management the theater became one of the best creative collectives of Kazakhstan. V.K.Borisov is a lot of forces and energy put in education and strengthening of theatrical shots: actors, directors, artists. In 2003, in the house where there lived V.K.Borisov, on Tchkalov St. opened a memorial board.

From 1997 to 2006 the theater director was the honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Henry Sergeyevich Oganesyan. In 2006 to directors there was S.N.Yun. For 75-years at theater many gifted artists worked: honored artist KAZSSR N.Belkin, A.Almazov and others. Nowadays this relay race is continued by the main artist I.Rechensky and art director T.Akkert. Many years to service to the business were given by veterans of theater of Z.Borodino, V.Dyakov, E.Sechko. Behind at theater bright, full of events and fulfillments creative life, ahead - new searches and opening.

Zhezkazgan musical and drama theater named of S.Kozhamkulov

Opened on December 24 in 1972 in Arkalyk Turgaysky area (nowadays Kostanay area) M. Auezov's performance "Ayman-Sholpan". 17 graduates of the Moscow highest theatrical school of Schepkin were founders of Turgay regional Kazakh musical and drama theater. These are actors: Z.Kodzhiyev, D. Zhanbotayev, S.Baygabylova, S.Esengulova, M. Manapov, T.Rakhishev R. of Hadzhiyev, etc.

Karaganda academic theater of musical comedy

It is created on November 16, 1973. Leading actors of theater - the national actor of RSFSR Igor Yuryevich Voynarovsky, the deserved actress of RSFSR Nina Simonov. The founder, the art director and the theater director is the honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan Evgeny Lucic Peleshuk. The former chief of regional management of culture, the Honoured worker of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Makat Rymzhanovich Rymzhanov supported in creation of theater full assistance and. Prominent masters of leading theaters of Russia took part in performances of theater: L.Amarfy, G. Vasilyev, S. Varguzova, Y.Vedeneyev, T.Bobrovitskaya, A.Semenov, soloists from Volgograd, Pyatigorsk, Krasnoyarsk, Sverdlovsk. For short term of scenic life the theater got a creative maturity, high performing professionalism that critics of the leading theatrical centers of Russia and Kazakhstan more than once noted.

Today on a scene go: Giuseppe Verdi's operas "Traviata", "Rigoletto", J. Rossini "The Seville barber", J. Puccini "Melancholy"; A.Rybnikov's ballet performances "Buratino", R. Schedrin of "Konek-Gorbunok"; I.Strauss's operettas "Bat", "The Gipsy baron". I.Kalman "Czardas princess", F.Lehar "The cheerful widow"; Lope de Vega's musical comedies "Dog in the manger", G. Kancheli of "Hanuma's Trick", V. Ptichkin "Woman's revolt"; musicals, performances for children. At present in theater repertoire nineteen performances for adults and twelve children's performances. At the initiative of regional department of culture and theater, with support of regional administration on the basis of the Karaganda college of arts da of office - actors of musical theaters and a choreography is open. Future actors are trained by leading masters of a scene.

In 2000 the high rank "Academic" was appropriated to theater.

In 2005 the theater put 380 performances, from them 85 - tour.

Temirtau Theatre for Children and Youth

The Temirtausky theater and youth was open for children on November 24, 1989. The actor's troupe consisted of 17 people. Yury Evgenyevich Sinin was the first theater director. Main artist Andrey Ivanovich Osipenko.

Opened performance generally children's performances. Today in work of 16 performances for children: «Enamoured hare», «Thousand second night of Shakherezada», «Bubble, Straw and Bast shoe», «Cat’s house», etc.

"Buratino's" puppet theater is educated in 1959. E.I.Savin, and since 1985 of V. V. Malenko was the art director in 1959-1989. In 1977 the rank of the national is appropriated. In different years 80 statements were put: «The snow queen» G. Andersen, «Better than Ferda isn't present on light» I.Kolab and many other.

Concert union of C.Bayshanov

It is created on March 6, 1938 when the concert organization, nowadays one of the largest and authoritative in the Republic of Kazakhstan, renamed into honor of the known singer of Cali Bayzhanov (1990 was created.). The first years in collective worked with Cali Bayzhanov, Zhusupbek Elebekov, Magauiya Hamzin, Nugyman Abishev, Zabira Zhubatova, Rakhy Koyshybayev, For big merits in 1938 the rank the honored artist of Kazakhstan, and in 1945 - the national actor of Kazakhstan was appropriated to it.

Starodubenko was one of the first directors of a philharmonic society. It is a lot of forces and creativity, energy and organizing talent her director - Peter Iosifovich Yanovitsky put for consolidation of authority and philharmonic society prosperity. He directed a philharmonic society more than 30 years, «The honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan» is awarded ranks. Then the collective Jan Mikhaylovich Simanovsky, «The honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan» directed. An invaluable contribution to development of professional vocal art our edge and education of young talents Boris Aleksandrovich Orlov, the pupil of the Saratov conservatory, the national actor Kazakh brought the Soviet Socialist Republic, the first art director of the Karaganda philharmonic society. Now the director general of association is Zeynolla Kakuyevich Meyrambekov - the honored worker of Kazakhstan.

In 1956 for the purpose of promotion of serious music the string quartet which became the winner of Republican competition was created. In a quartet known musicians V. Yakimov, A.Kanenov and others played.

The youngest collective of concert association is an ensemble of soloists of "Auen" which is created in 1995. One of founders of ensemble is the honored worker of culture of Kazakhstan M. Rymzhanov. In 1997 one of soloists of ensemble E.Kuzhimanov won a rank of the Winner at the II International competition of a name of S.Kaldayakov. And in 1999 he became owner Gran-Prix of the Republican festival of creative youth "Shabyt" and the Presidential grant. As a part of ensemble the Winner of an award of the Union of Youth of Kazakhstan Z.Kemalov, the Winner of Republican competition work of. K.Bayseitova the owner of an award of akim areas on the nomination "the Vocalist-2000» T.Idrisov.

In 1994 the Jazz orchestra "Big Bend" of concert association under I.Andreychenko's management is created. In its programs jazz and popular compositions of a light music. For years of existence he became the Winner of the International festival of the jazz music which was taking place in Russia.

At a jazz orchestra rich repertoire of jazz music which annually replenishes, including with works of the Kazakh composers.

In 1993 the ensemble "Akka" was educated. The art director of ensemble is the graduate of Republican studio of variety art Korlan Mukatova.

In recent years were created: ensemble of percussion instruments "Shyndauyl", ensemble of dombrist "Zhiger", ensemble of kobyzist of "Chagall" and string quartet.

Orchestra of national tools of a name Tattimbet

It is based in 1988. In 1990 the name Tattimbet is appropriated. Creation the orchestra took part the national actor, the winner of the state award of KAZSSR professor Sh.Kazhygaliyev. Under its management concert versions of operas of A.Zhubanov and L.Hamidi of "Abay", E.Brusilovskogo «Қыз Жибек» are executed, etc. The orchestra left on a tour to the USA, the Czech Republic, Iran, Iraq, France, Sweden, etc. the countries. Main conductor of Ukibay. Director G. Azhbagambetov. In 2000 the honorary title "Academic" is appropriated to an orchestra.

Philharmonic society of. T.Kalmagambetov of Zhezkazgan

The Zhezkazgan State philharmonic society is created in 1974. In 1990 the Resolution of Presidium of the Supreme Council of KAZSSR of a philharmonic society appropriated a name visible акына Saryarki Tayzhan Kalmagambetov. S. Eleusizov was the first director. The structure of the Zhezkazgan philharmonic society includes ensemble of the national «Каракоз» tools, variety and folklore ensemble «Ұлытау». In the Zhezkazgansky philharmonic society known singers, composers, readers worked: A.Aytzhanova, A.Baybosynov, B. Darkembayev, B. Koshenov, L.Salozhnikova, Z.Seilov and others.


Now as a part of a philharmonic society 5 creative collectives work: «Жезкиик» (1975 Z.Seilov was the first art director). In 1990 the honorary title "The honored worker of culture Kazakhstan» was appropriated to Z.Seilov. The present the art director is B. Koshenov. Group « Ән көңілдін ажары» (1984 art director G. Mukhamedin). Family ensemble «Our family» (art director A.Baybosynov since 1997). Variety and youth group " Дәуір" (it is thin. hands. A.Mukushev since 2003), dancing "Aelita" (it is thin. hands. I.Borovik). During work creative collectives of a philharmonic society went on tour in GDR, Iceland, France, Iran, Hungary, etc.