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Armenian national and cultural center

Armenian national and cultural center





Historically it developed that the Armenian people live more than in 60 countries of the world. Resettlement of Armenians to Kazakhstan began already in Soviet period and has two stages. The first is connected with the centralized direction of experts on the most important buildings of five-years periods. The second - forced, repressive relocation of Armenians from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other regions of the USSR. For 2005 in Kazakhstan lives 14758 Armenians, including in the Karaganda area-1751 persons.

The Armenian national and cultural center "Erebuni" is registered in justice department in 1994. Activists of the Armenian diaspora, members of council of the Erebuni center concentrated the efforts to consolidations of all segments of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, creation of conditions for studying of the Armenian language, history, literature, national crafts of Armenia, preservation, development of the Armenian culture, to promotion of traditions, customs, ceremonies of the historical Homeland. Kazakhstan citizens of the Armenian origin united in rendering of the legal and social aid to aged citizens, large families, disabled people and all needing.

Representatives of the Armenian diaspora participate in all actions in area and the city. The artist, the honored worker of arts of the republic Sarkis Sanosyan, the art director of the Karaganda regional Russian drama theater of a name of Stanislavsky, the honored worker of RK Henry Oganesyan, a large family Mikoyan, the winner of the State award, the deserved architect of Kazakhstan Edward Melikov, the deserved builder of the republic Vladimir Sagimyan and others are well-known in the region.

The children's Armenian dancing ensemble from the city of Karazhala with success speaks at festivals and creative evenings. Young artist Narik Akopyan surprised fellow countrymen with a view of world around. In its works the Armenian motives which were are caught is inherent in the teacher and the instructor of young talent, the honored worker of arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sarkisa Sanosyan. In the Armenian diaspora care not only of preservation of ancient traditions. The cultural center promotes that Armenians felt comfortably in modern Kazakhstan society. The culture and national identity of Armenians in Saryarka not simply revive, but form the special ethnos which homeland is Kazakhstan.

It will not be erased in memory of our compatriots on May 31 - Put memories of victims of political repressions. The Armenian national and cultural center "Erebuni" celebrated in 1997 the 100 anniversary since the birth of the prominent statesman, the former secretary Kirgizkraykom L.I. Mirzoyan which fell the victim of a Stalin mode.


In October, 2004 the cultural center was a part of republican Association of Armenians to that the song "Armenia" was devoted.