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National games

National games


Throwing sticks(Пайт кцопи)

The line is in the field carried out. Two playing with small sticks in hands become a back to the line. Holding a stick for the top end, they bend and the bottom end of a stick carry out on the ground between feet. Then, having swung, throw a stick as it is possible further. The player who has thrown a stick further, becomes a horseback rider: having ridden out a stick, it escapes. Other player takes the stick in a hand and catches up with the horseback rider then they come back. Rules of the game. Run should be begun from the line and only on a signal. It is necessary to run to a place of falling of a stick of the winner horseback rider


All participants of game (play from eight to sixteen people) have sticks in length of 1 m. Children become a rank in the platform center before a straight line. They put one end of a stick on a foot sock, and other its end hold with a forefinger of the right hand. On a signal of the leader players tear off the right foot from the earth, take away it a little back and with force reject it everyone the stick. Whose stick will fall closer, that, very quickly repeating goat-goat (Эц-эц), collects all sticks and transfers to the leader. Game make a fresh start, i.e. play two times in a row. To the second lost blindfold. It, swinging a stick, should on a signal go forward and try to bring down a stick thrust in the earth at distance ten — fifteen steps from the line. At good luck it comes back and continues game. In case of loss it competes in run with what stick was thrust to the earth. Rules of the game. To throw sticks it is possible only on a signal. Lost, going blindfold, it is impossible to spot. Lost competition in race against time leaves game.

Siskin(Ктик, ктик)

In the center of a platform draw a circle in diameter of 70 — 80 cm in the middle of which do small deepening. There put a siskin — a small rectangular stick with stupidly ground ends. Three parties — stick sides — note numbers 1, 2, 3, and the fourth — 10. Quantity of the playing — from six to ten children. Game there begins the child who has acquired the right to play first according to lot. It holds in a hand a flat board with the handle — chilikapet. Length chilikapet 40 cm, width 10 see. The player tries to strike so chilikapets on the acting end of the siskin lying in deepening of a circle to be in time when recoiling it from the earth to strike the second blow and to reject a siskin whenever possible further from a circle. If players of other team catch a siskin in air, begin game. If won't catch, the player to whom the siskin most closer fell, throws it back, trying to get to a circle. In case the siskin won't reach a circle, all players approach to it to specify, what party up it lies: if the party designated by figure 10, for the player of opposite team the right to throw a siskin in a circle remains; if the siskin lies up the party noted by any other number, the team player who has begun game, rejects a siskin further from a circle. Each blow chilikapets on the siskin who has flown away from the earth is set off to team as a point.

Rules of the games. Game begin, embossing the siskin from a circle. Children agree in advance, how many points each player (or each team) should gather. During game points remain and increase to the caused number.

Banks collapsed(Банка блвав)

In the middle of the drawn circle put three cylindrical figures — banks — one on another. Choose driving which costs at a circle. Others depart on 3 — 5 m for the line, from where beat balls on banks. Ahead of this line note border other line to which the driving can catch the player. Without having got in bank, the player runs to the ball, takes it and tries to return into place. If the driving catches it during this moment, they change roles. If the player reaches a ball and will put on it a foot, driving shouldn't catch it, but it can catch the player when that will run with a ball back. If the player got to banks, it acquires the right quietly to return on the place. During game it is possible to get several times to a tower from a banks, destroying it. The destroyed tower is put by the driving. While the tower isn't restored, driving has no right to run for players therefore players try to beat off banks as it is possible further. If the driving doesn't manage to catch anybody, all come back to the places and again beat on banks. But if he manages to put a tower and to catch somebody from players, changes with it roles. Rules of the game. In a tower from banks beat, without coming for the line. To pursue the player it is possible to the conditional line drawn before the line of a throw. Players should take only the ball.

Hide and Seek(Тапкоци)

Play two teams which are headed by two captains. By lot determine, who will hide, and who — - to search. For the game define the city — a tree, a wall, a door etc. Those who should hide, the captain withdraws, specifies by it shelter places, and itself comes back to team which should search for the hidden. It goes, all the time crying out: We are... (calls a site)! It helps its team to be guided: to remain in shelter or to run to win the city. If the searching notice at least one of hidden, they loudly call his name and place, shelters, and group run to the city. The team which has come running in the city before another, receives a point. The hiding team can run up and win the city even before identification of a site of rivals or after them saw. Rules of the game. At game repetition if won the hunters, all players change roles and if isn't present, continue to play in the same order.


From among the playing the shepherd and a wolf, the others — sheep get out. The line — a streamlet is drawn, on one party from which the shepherd and sheep gather, on other party the wolf sits. Sheep stand behind the shepherd, having clasped each other for a belt. The wolf addresses to the shepherd: I am a wolf mountain, I will carry away! The shepherd answers: I am a shepherd courageous, I will not give Having heard I will not give, the wolf jumps through a streamlet and tries to reach sheep. The shepherd, having placed hands in the parties, protects sheep from a wolf, without allowing it to touch them. The wolf in case of success withdraws production with itself. Game is made a fresh start, but roles change. Rules of the game. The wolf passes the line only after words I will not give. The sheep whom the wolf touched, should follow without resistance a wolf.


After lot participants of two teams become in two ranks at distance of 3 — 5 m from each other. Each row in the right side draws at distance of five-six steps a circle in diameter of 2,5 m — this shelter for captives. Having acquired the right to begin the game, the first number of one team runs up to the first number of other team and becomes before it. That extends one hand that the opponent hit it on a palm, and right there is going to catch in run it. The player from the first team hits three times on an outstretched arm of the rival, trying after the third blow quickly and dexterously to escape on the place. If it won't manage to escape, it is taken prisoner. After the first numbers the second numbers of teams compete. The winner is that team which could take prisoner more than the captured. Rules of the game. The player extends forward a hand, without bending it in a forearm. To hit three times on a palm it is possible from below or from above. It is not recommended to strike above an elbow. At prosecution it is impossible to push the opponent. Option. At the end of the game it is possible to release the captured. It is done by the player, confident in the forces. It, having hit three times on a hand of the opponent, runs towards a shelter and, clapping a hand on a hand of each captive, releases all from captivity, then runs on the place. The persecutor in this case has the right to catch again escaping and again to captivate them.

Rules of the games. Captured you shouldn't - to go out of circle limits towards to the liberator. The player released from captivity himself can become a liberator. At release of prisoners or at prosecution of players other participants of game have no right to interfere. It is impossible to run over line of other team.

Tower(Берд )

Players share on two teams. By lot determine, what of teams will attack, and what will protect a fortress. In a midfield put a board (stone) — it and is a fortress. On a signal defenders surround a fortress at distance of 2 — 3 m and protect it from attack of rivals. Forwards disperse in different directions. The fortress is considered won if somebody from players comes a foot on a board and won't be caught by the defender. Forwards make various plans of siege, approach to defenders and talking with them, trying to distract them. When forwards compress a protection ring, representatives of the last aspire to catch them. During such moment forwards break in a fortress in a straight line, and then the defenders who have remained behind the broken-through line, leave game. The forward who has broken through a chain of defenders, but not in time to put a foot on a board before it will catch, too bowls off. Rules of the game. The forward sets off a point if they win a fortress. If all forwards will be caught by defenders, players are interchanged the position, but anybody doesn't receive a point. The team, on - taking five points wins.

Kidnappers fire(Крак пахцноци)

Rectangular shape playground (length of 30 — 40 m, width of 15 — 20 m). In each corner the circle in diameter of 2 — 4 m is drawn. Each circle — a fortress. In a rectangle, having receded from two narrow parties on 4 m, draw danger lines (or fire lines) length of 2 — 3 m. Play two teams on ten — fifteen people. They settle down along the danger line. Each team has the captain and chooses to itself a distinctive sign (an element of a national suit). The right to begin game by the first is chosen by lot. On a signal the captain beginning game, approaches to opponents, in easy blow on a hand of any of players takes fire and escapes to the border. That runs behind it, trying to catch, while the first player won't reach border. Caught becomes the captive, it put in tower of the opponent. If it is not possible to catch escaping, and the catching-up player reaches already the danger line, from team opponent runs out, trying to take prisoner the catching up. Game so proceeds until all players of any team won't appear in captivity. Rules of the game. When someone comes nearer to a rank of rivals from players, all of them are obliged to extend forward hands. The persecutor should catch up opponent before with danger lines, from where began game. The persecutor who has caught up escaping, becomes fire carrier. It can get around to a rank of the rival and, having hit on a hand of any player, to escape back to the border as beginning game. In other cases persecutors are appointed the captain secretly. One catching up can pursue one escaping only. To fall outside the limits a playground it is forbidden. Captives are released in that case when their friend, having received fire from the rival, freely passes in a fortress and concerns them a hand: all of them quickly run to the border. The persecutor can catch both the liberator, and the released captive. Other players have no right to interfere with game.

Seven caves(Еот кар)

Players share on two teams. In the center of a platform draw a circle in diameter of 15 — 20 m, in a circle put a tower from seven stones (seven flat subjects). At distance of 3 — 5 m note the line behind which members of the first team gather. Beginning game and other participants of its team serially try to destroy a tower by means of a ball. The second team disperses on a platform, having appointed the watchman at stones. If the first manage to destroy a tower, - ugly faces the ball is obliged to catch hundred right there and to throw to players from the team that they, giving a ball each other, soiled a ball of escaping players. The last, having reached stones, quickly put them at each other. Having built a tower, the team wins. Game is made a fresh start. Rules of the game. On a tower from stones players of attacking team beat serially. It is impossible to run for the player with a ball in a hand. The ball is always transferred. Who was marked by a ball, leaves game.

Three caves(Ерек кар)

Before the game beginning on a platform note a place where should be put one on another of 3 flat subjects — a stone. The line is carried out to 3 — 5 m from stones, from where players should strike with a ball on stones. At stones remains driving. Having brought down stones, players run up and hide. Having collected stones into place, driving with a ball in hands goes to look for hiding. See someone, he calls his name, throws into it a ball and runs to stones. If he manages to return to stones before the found player, that bowls off. If the found player appears at stones earlier, it forces down stones and again hides. While the driving looks for players, any of them can run out and bring down stones. If it manages to be made, all caught players have the right to hide again. Game proceeds until the driving won't catch all players. Rules of the game. It is possible to hide only when stones will be brought down. Driving looks for players after it will collect and will put all stones back. Having named the hidden player, driving should manage to come running to stones. If the called player manages to overtake driving, that a ball beats out it from game.

Disturbing ball(Анангист гндак)

In a midfield draw a big circle diameter 3 — 4 m. Play two teams: one — defenders, others — forwards. Defenders enter into a circle, and forwards surround them behind line, having departed from each other on identical distance. Having received a ball from the leader, they three times in a row throw a ball over a circle. This condition to start game. At this time forwards have no right to hit being in a circle, and those can't jump and catch a ball. After three transfers forwards try to seize the opportunity and to strike around. Who on - is gone in a circle, tries to avoid blows —it is protected, i.e. catches a ball or aspires to hold him in a circle. In case of successful protection the playing change roles. Rules of the game. If the blow of forwards achieved the object and the ball took off from a circle, defender to whom the ball got, leaves game. If the ball didn't achieve the object, game leaves that forward who threw a ball.

Earth, water, fire, air(Хох, джюр, крак, от)

Playing become in a circle, in the middle of it there is a leader. He throws a ball to somebody from playing, saying thus one of four words: earth, water, air, fire. If the driving told the word Earth!, the one who caught a ball, should call quickly what - either a house or wild animal; on the word Water! the playing answers with what name - or fishes; on the word Air! — name of a bird. At the word Fire! all should not - how many time quickly to turn around, wagging with hands. Then a ball return to the driving. Rules of the game. Mistaken doesn't play.

Tug stick(Педэ кашир)

The unlimited quantity of yokes - fates participates. One of them gets out the grandfather, the others pay off according to numbers. On a signal of the grandfather two players sit down on a floor against each other, resting  foot, and take in hands a stick, and holds its everyone for the middle and for edges. On the second signal players start to pull each other on purpose to lift up.

Rules of the game. Who manages to lift the opponent on feet, that wins and continues game with one of the following players. It is possible to play and with a rope, a thong or simply holding hands.

Flowers and breezes(Царик ев каминер)

In the middle of a platform at distance of 2 m two lines are carried out, behind them at distance of 10 — 15 m two more lines are carried out. Each team — flowers and breezes — faces internal line faced to team of rivals. Game there begin the flowers, in advance chosen to themselves a name — the flower name. Hello, breezes! — they speak. Hello, flowers! — breezes answer. Breezes, breezes! — flowers address to them. — Guess our names! Breezes start to list names of flowers. And as soon as guess, flowers escape for the second line. Rules of the game. Points are determined by number of the caught. After one play of the team change roles. Playing conditional number of times determine the winner by a sum of points.

Grandfather, my grandfather(Папи джан, папи)


Two teams, having joined hands, line up in one row. The rank is headed by the leader of one team — the grandfather gardener. At the end of a rank there is a grandfather of other team. He addresses to the grandfather gardener: The grandfather, my grandfather, grapes kept up? That answers: Got ready to keep up, all I will treat, and to you I will not give! How to please? — the second grandfather asks. — On what to arrive, that treated? Come by train! — the grandfather - gardener answers. Pubh, Pubh! — imitating the train beeps, group of children headed by the second grandfather, holding hands, goes to the gardener. All pass at hand the gardener and the player next to it. The last player, without releasing a hand of the gardener, passes all children going on the place in a rank, and itself after them turns: his hands cross in front. In the second time the grandfather gardener can offer another: Come from songs! Group, singing, passes between the second and the first players, as a result of the second the player as will turn, as well as the first, without releasing hands. So proceeds until both groups don't appear stood in a row with a crossed hands. Then the grandfather gardener suggests to start working. He says: It is necessary to pound garlic! Chkhkh, чхх, чхх — children amicably repeat, jumping on a place. Cry! — the grandfather orders. Uuuuu — children cry. Laugh! — the grandfather speaks. Ha! ha! ha! — children laugh. Eat now honey! — the grandfather offers. Nyam,nyam, nyam — children smile. The grandfather gardener can be limited to two - three new tasks. Then he speaks: The soldier in captivity, let's help to it leave a hole. Children start to pull each other by hands to the opposite sides, and the chain breaks. The team where there were more children who have joined hands wins. Rules of the game. During all game it is impossible to lower hands and to leave a row. It is necessary to answer questions accurately, and to carry out of a task amicably.