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National games

National games


White ball and black ball

(Аг тон вз гара тон)

For game two balls from felt or wool of white and black color are necessary. Playing share on two equal teams. In each team the leader gets out. One leader is given a ball of white color, to another of black color. On a signal leaders throw the balls as it is possible further. On the second signal on one player from each team run behind the ball. The winner, i.e. the one who brought a ball to the leader quicker, receives a point. The team which has gathered more than points wins. Rules of the game. To throw a ball and to run behind it it is possible only on command. It is necessary to throw a ball as it is possible further.

Give the shawl

(Дэсмалы вер)

The playing share on two groups and are built in a rank against each other, holding hands, behind the back. In the center between ranks there is one player. In each team choose the leader who is given a kerchief. The leader passes behind the team and imperceptibly puts a kerchief in a hand to one of children. After that the player standing in the center, gives team: Give a kerchief! Children with kerchiefs should run out and give a kerchief to the leader. The one who fast will give a kerchief wins. The team, gathered more points, wins. Rules of the game. To run and give a plateau the check it is possible only on a signal. A kerchief it is necessary to give each time to different children.

Which rang wins?

(Кимин чэркэси гэлэбэ чалды?)


The playing share on two equal teams. Two players, on one of each team, become the face to each other before the line drawn on the earth. Holding each other for a belt, on a signal try to draw the opponent to itself. Lost passes in team of the won. Rules of the game. To begin game follows from a certain place. The one who drew the rival on the party wins.

From the back of horse

(Ат бели)

By means of a rhyme the player who lays down on a carpet the person down on the hands extended forward gets out and puts the cap to itself on a back. All in turn jump through lying, previously having put the cap on a cap of the driving. If at a jump the cap falls, jumping should "replace lying if isn't present, after a jump it takes the cap, and already following child jumps. Rules of the game. It is necessary to jump dexterously. Loss is considered, if the cap fell.


(Чопу дагыт)

The playing share on two teams and are built in a rank against each other at distance of 8 — 10 m. In the middle of a platform the circle is drawn, in which on a stone the board (by length of 50 cm, width of 30 cm), and is put on a board — twelve sticks. On a lot one of teams acquires the right to begin game. One player of this team approaches to a board and from distance 1 — 1,5 m are thrown by a ball into a board so that sticks scattered in different directions. While the second team runs behind a ball, the first team which has thrown a ball, should collect quickly sticks on a board. If the first team manages to collect sticks before while the second team will bring a ball, it is considered On a platform the circle (diameter of a circle depends on quantity playing) is drawn. Children share on two equal groups. On a lot one team is included into a circle, the second remains behind a circle. Several players of the second team are given balls but so that standing in a circle didn't know, at whom a ball. Children with balls are conditionally numbered so that number of each player knew only the player and driving. All go around. Driving calls number of one of players. That quickly throws a ball, trying label the player being in a circle. The Tagged player leaves game. If throw the won. If the second team brings a ball and label to them the player of the first team, the second team wins. Rules of the game. If the beginner game missed, sticks didn't scatter, the right to begin game is transferred to other team, the Team which has begun game, can continue! it if players manage to collect and put sticks quickly.



Whose ball doesn't get to the player, he leaves game, and the ball transfers to another. Game proceeds until in team there will be one person. Rules of the game. Throws a ball from a place only what number was called by the leader.

Black pasha

{Тара паша)

From among the playing the shepherd, a dog and the liar get out. The others represent sheep. The shepherd plays on a pipe, dogs ambush, sheep walk and as though eat a grass. Suddenly the liar calls the shepherd: Hey, hey, hey, shepherd, shepherd. The shepherd responds: What to you? Liar: The brother the shepherd, my uncle, the Black pasha, says that our black sheep (calls signs of a sheep) got to your flock, and asks it back . The shepherd brings the liar to a flock. That unexpectedly suffices one of sheep (takes the player by the hand) and escapes. Having seen it, the dog runs behind it. If the liar with a sheep reaches the house, the dog comes back, and if the dog catches up, the sheep comes back to herd. Rules of the game. The dog starts to catch only when the liar seized a sheep. To catch in the house of the liar it is impossible.

Day and night

(Геджа ее гюндуз)

At some distance two lines are from each other carried out. At one line boys, at another — girls are built. The leader between them. Team of boys — Night, and team of girls — Day. On to the Night team! boys catch girls, on command Day! girls catch boys. Rules of the game. Tagged pass in team of the rival.

Children and chicken

(Ушаглар ее хоруз)

One of players represents a cock. The cock leaves the house, goes on a platform and three times crow. Players in reply:

Cockerel, cockerel.

Gold comb,

Oil head,

Silk beard!

What so you get up early — to Children you let's sleep?


After that the cock again crows, claps wings and starts to catch children whom, having left the lodge, run on a platform. If the cock can't catch children, it again represents a cock. Rules of the game. The cock starts to catch, and children to escape only after a repeated crow. To catch children in their lodge it is impossible