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National games

National games


Ancient game of Dzhigits — көкпар without which any Kazakh holiday didn't manage. This game was won by the strongest, dexterous and fast equestrians. Ours kokpar — pedestrian, but main there are same qualities: force, dexterity and speed. At first choose "judge", the PE teacher can become them. He will watch observance of rules, not to allow violations and roughness in relation to rivals. The judge builds participants in one rank, and in 30 or 60 steps (as will agree) the prize has.

The judge, besides, should define the finish. A task of each player from a rank, having outstripped the others, to reach a prize, to manage to grasp it and to reach with it the finish. The prize gets to the winner. There is also one more interesting option of this game. If there is a lot of you, you can be divided into teams, approximately on 3 — 4 persons in everyone. Same task: at first to try to grasp a prize, and then, transferring it each other in team (suddenly someone will be detained by the rival!), to reach the finish.


If you gather will try with somebody force — offer an excellent way it to make. Look at the picture. You see — two players rose to each other a back, hung up on shoulders, and then passed a rope under mice. The ends of this rope should be connected, and the knot to be between players. Time... two... rub! After the account "three" they at the same time will start to pull each other everyone in the party. The one who is stronger, for certain will draw the companion for a mark which in good time needs to be made on the earth. If friends constantly draw you — don't despair. It is necessary to go in seriously for physical culture — and you will become much stronger, than were.


In this game to find a scarf very much and very difficult: after all he becomes as though an invisible being. Rules of the game: sit down around and closely nestle shoulders to each other, and feet extend and slightly bend in knees. Behind a circle remains only driving. You quickly transfer a scarf each other under knees with words: «The scarf runs, the scarf runs!» The problem of the driving — to understand, who has an invisible scarf, and to name the player. Driving notices that one of players, let us assume, Marat tarried, and the edge of a scarf flashed in his hand... «Marat!» — the driving should shout. "Caught" changes roles with the driving. If there was a mistake and a scarf it appears at other player, driving should wash away guilt before unfairly "injured" Marat — to sing at all the song or to read the poem.


«Тымак, ұpy» best of all will be suitable for game the "cap" made of the newspaper. Still the peg in height about 1 meter, a belt and a scarf is required. It is necessary to hammer a peg into the earth at distance about 20 steps from start, and a cap — to put on a peg. To the player blindfold, hand over a belt and release from start. It should, hoping only for the visual memory, to reach a peg and — to bring down a belt a cap! It is authorized to make three blows. Competition the extremely difficult therefore it will be fair if to the winner it will hand over what - or a prize.


To carry out this game, you will need a ball and a stop watch (or hours). You should be divided into two equal teams. In this game it is necessary also the driving — choose it by means of a schitalka. And now sit down in two lines the friend opposite to the friend. Distance between teams — about 2 meters. Prepared... Began!The driving throws to the extreme player of one of teams into hands a ball and says the beginning of any word, for example: "ÇÓ"... «... bouzas!» — quickly, without delaying the player should finish and — to throw a ball sitting opposite: "To"... «... рабль!» — that at once answers and throws a ball to the rival. Driving notes any hitch with the answer and charges for it one penal point. Duties of the driving include also control of observance of rules — behind an exact pass, behind that there were no helps, and also — behind time. Game should go 3 or 5 minutes — as you will agree. The winner the team which has gathered smaller quantity of penal points appears. Well and, of course, in certain cases game can terminate very quickly — when someone's thoughts over the answer were too tightened.


This game can be carried out anywhere — in a yard, in a summer camp, in a tourist campaign — it is important, that there was an open and equal clearing. In game you need a thong. Sit down a wide range, having closely nestled shoulders to each other. Driving (it define by a lot or a rhyme) a fast pace, having low lowered a hand with a thong, passes around behind you and tries to leave imperceptibly a thong at someone behind the back. If it is possible to it, it, having quickly bypassed a circle, lifts a thong and with words: Here is close, find the place! slightly hits on a back of the inattentive player. The player jumps and around escapes from driving, trying to sit down again the first on the former place. Driving pursues it and if manages to overtake and strike with a thong before the player will reach the place, they change roles.


It is game which is loved by children in many countries of the world. Its Kazakh name — Шулдік, Russian — Siskin.«Шулдікsiskin» it is small, but the thick stick pointed at both ends. At first for game it is necessary to choose an open, equal area. And in the center it to dig out a small hole so that the ends siskin lay just at hole edges. Besides, it is required hurl a stick in length about a meter. And now conditions. The first player approaches to a hole on which lies шулдік, and beats a bat on one of its pointed ends. Шулдік flies up, the player should strike again on it, having rejected as it is possible further. Then leaves a bat near a hole and departs. The second player selects «шүлдік» and, right on the spot, where that fell, tries to get them to a hole or on a bat of the rival. If it will turn out — the first player leaves game, as, however, and in case it will miss at the blow. If the second player misses, without having got to a hole or on a bat — that the first acquires the right to three additional blows. The distance from a hole to a falling place siskin is measured by means of a bat, and points by both players thus are gathered. But if at the subsequent blows will be though one miss — all points burn! Fight goes until one of participants won't gather a certain quantity of points for example 200.



In the past in the Kazakh steppes there was a game competition under the name a Найзагерлерайқасы» —«Fight on copies». It developed in soldiers force, skills of possession of a spear. Though, as well as medieval tournaments of knights, it was unsafe. After its rule changed a little, new elements were included in game. Now riding Dzhigits fought against the purpose to dump the rival from a horse. This game is similar to brave men and children «Аударыспақ». There are the same rules that are not only compete on horseback. The lighter weight of the players climb back his teammates, and - starting a fight between two "head"!