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Folklore (legends, fairy tales and myths)

The folklore of the Kazakh people is presented by a folk epic, heritage zhyrau (steppe bards) and akyns-improvisators, and also huge number of other genres: fairy tales, legends, proverbs and sayings. It is remarkable that much of this spiritual heritage reached up to now in a traditional oral poetic form.


Since ancient times (poets improvisators) who were carriers of spiritual wealth of the people used genuine respect national akyns and showed the skill in song and poetic competitions — aitys. Any large action didn't do without their participation since the honorable and responsible role of an assessment of an important event was assigned to them. During time aitys akyns lift vital problems of the people in social, political and cultural spheres. Performers accompany the singing by game on ancient musical instruments -dombra or kobyz. Ancient epic poems are widely known in the people:"Koblandy batyr", " Alpamys", " Er Targyn"," Kozy-Korpesh-Bayan-Sulu"," Kambar batyr ","Edige batyr"," Kyz Zhibek", etc. Separate works of soldiers-zhyrau reached up to now Kaztugana, Dospambet, Shalkiiz, Aktamberdy; ancient storytellers — Ketbugi, Asan-Kaygi, kuyshi (founders and performers of pieces of music) — Korkyt-Ata, Kurmangazy. The huge role in spiritual formation of the people is played today by heritage of his great representatives: Al-Farabi, M. Kashgary, Y.Balasaguni, Dulat, Ahmet Yassaui, Abay, M. Utemisov, M. Auezov, etc.