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ZHUMABAEV MAGZHAN (1893-1938), poet, translator, writer, publicist. In 1908-09 studies in madrasah "Gallia" in Ufa. Graduates from Omsk teacher's seminary (1917). In the years of study in Omsk the literary magazine «Балапан» (Chicken) of the literary circle «Бірлік» (Unity) heads. The first collection of verses under the name "Sholpan" was published in 1912 in Kazan. The main subjects of its verses of that time are the heavy burden of the working people, elimination of social oppression, liberation of the woman ("Poor creature", "Defenceless", "The young bride", "My desire").

In 1917-23 (Kyzylzhar), «Ақжол» and in the Sholpan magazine (Tashkent) worked in the Bostandyk Tuy newspaper. In verses "Freedom", "A red banner", "How to get knowledge and culture", written in 1917-24 I sang of new life, the Soviet power. Author of the epic poem "Batyr Bayan". To the native land, historical destiny of the Kazakh people verses "Past", "Dombra", Kobyz Koylybaya" are devoted, to "Kokshetau". For pupils of schools «Бастауыш мектепте ана тілі» (1925), "Pedagogics" (1923), «Сауатты бол» wrote textbooks «Бастауыш мектепте ана тілін оқыту жөні» (1923), "(1926) . I wrote research works about Akhan to sulfur, Bazar zhyrau, Abubakir Divayev, I collected and I published models of oral national creativity ("Tartu", 1924). I translated into the Kazakh language stories And. M of Gorky, V. S. Ivanov, D. N. Mamin-Sibiryak.

In 1923-26 studies at the Moscow art and literary institute under the leadership of the Russian poet Bryusov. In 1927-29 works in Kyzylzhar Pedagogical College, the Russian high school.


In 1930 it is arrested, sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment, it is sent to labor camp of Solovtsa of the Arkhangelsk region. Released before term by means of A. M. Gorky's wife of A. Peshkova, at the end of 1936 comes back to a native village. In June, 1937 comes to Alma-Ata, on December 30, 1937 it was repeatedly arrested and shot. It is posthumously rehabilitated in 1960 and 1988.