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ZHANGILDIN ALIBI TOGZHANOVICH (Dzhangildin) (1884-1953), the participant of revolutionary movement, fight for establishment of the Soviet power in Kazakhstan. One of heads of people's liberation revolt of 1916.

After February revolution of 1917 RSDRP and Petrograd Council (would) establish connection with the Central Committee, opposed Provisional government and struggled with local nationalists. In December, 1917 of SNK RSFSR I appointed Zhangildin the temporary military commissioner of Turgay area. At the 1st Turgay regional congress of Councils (March, 1918) it was elected the chairman of regional executive committee. In May, 1918 it is appointed the extraordinary and military commissioner of Steppe Kyrgyz (Kazakh) edge, I directed creation of the Kazakh groups of Red army. ]

In 1919 vice-chairman Revolution committee of the Kyrgyz (Kazakh) edge, headed work on convocation of the 1st Constituent congress of Councils of Kazakhstan, in 1920-25 the member of Presidium of the Central Committee KAZASSR, at the same time till 1929 the people's commissar of social security of KAZASSR.


In 1937-42 and since 1951 the vice-chairman of Presidium of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan, the Deputy of the Supreme Council of Kazakhstan of the 1-3rd convocations. It is awarded the order Lenin, the Labour Red Banner, medals. In honor of Zhangildin in Karaganda the street is called.