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TAUEKEL, Tevekkel (year of birth is unknown — 1598), the khan. I achieved considerable successes in fight for independence with Mogolistan and Bukhara. I broke army of Bukhara khan Abdullah II, I took Turkestan, Tashkent and Samarkand. Tauyekel achieved friendship with Russia which helped him in fight against Kuchum. Russia sought to make Tauyekel the intermediary in negotiations with the Central Asian khanates and set a task to promote the conclusion of the union between Tauyekel and the Iranian shah Abbas I against the Bukhara khanate.

In January, 1594 the imperial government promised to release Uraz-Mohammed, nephew Tauyekel, instead of son Tauyekel Husain as the hostage.


In 1595 Tauyekel had Velyamin Stepanova's Russian embassy, but the Kazakh khan on severe conditions of return of Uraz-Mohammed disagreed. The military help to the Kazakh khanate also wasn't rendered. In attempt to take Bukhara Tauyekel it was seriously injured and soon I died.