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SEYFULLIN SAKEN (Sadvakas) (1894-1939), Soviet party and the statesman, the founder of the Kazakh literature, the participant of revolutionary movement and fight for establishment of the Soviet power in Kazakhstan. First chairman of Council of People's Commissars of KACCP (1922-25), member of VCEC, member of Presidium of KAZCEC.

In 1913-16 studied in Omsk teacher's seminary, the member of the youth organization «Бірлік» ("Unity") who set as the purpose dissemination of culture and knowledge among Kazakhs.

In 1914 there was the first collection of verses of S. Seyfullin «Өткен күндер» ("The past days").

In 1916 the village teacher in the district to Zhinishka (nowadays the territory sat down «Ахмет аул» the Nurinsky area).

In 1917 in Akmolinsk directed the revolutionary organization «Жас қазақ» and issue of the revolutionary-democratic newspaper «Тіршілік» ("Life"), the member of Presidium of Akmolinsk Sovdep.

In the summer of 1918 after counter-revolutionary coup in Akmolinsk S. Seyfullin fell into hands of rebels: it is sent in shackles to Omsk, it is concluded in "the death car" ataman Annenkov, I made escape. In 1919-25 at leading Soviet work in Akmolinsk, Orenburg.

In 1921 S. Seyfullin visited Karaganda and devoted to the fellow countrymen — Nilda's workers, Spassk and Karaganda one of the best poems «Жұмыскерлерге» ("Worker").


In 1925-37 editor of the republican newspaper «Еңбекші қазақ», editor-in-chief of the «Әдебиет майданы» magazine ("The literary front"). During this period leave the collection of verses «Асау тұлпар» ("An unrestrained horse"), plays «Бақыт жолында» ("A way fortunately"), «Қызыл сұңқарлар» ("Red falcons"), got by the love for the country, calling for fight for new life. In poetic collections "Dombra" (1924), "Express" (1926), «Тұрмыс толқынында» ("On life waves", 1928) is sung a victory of October revolution. S. Seyfullin created new forms of the Kazakh poetry, developed the best traditions of creativity of the people, poems "Kokshetau" (1924) testify to it «Аққудың айры-луы» ("The separated swans", 1925), «Ақсақ киік» ("A lame saiga", 1924), etc. S. Seyfullin — the author of the historical and memoirs novel "Thorny road" «Тар жол, тайғақ кешу», 1927), stories "Aisha" (1922, the processed 1935), «Жер қазғандар» ("Navvies", 1928), «Жемістер» ("Fruits", 1935), etc. produce. The first of the Kazakh writers it is awarded by awards of the Labour Red Banner. Underwent illegal repressions. It is posthumously rehabilitated in 1957. In honor of S. Seyfullin in Karaganda the street, the prospectus, the Kazakh dramatic theater called.