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NIGMATULLIN NURLAN ZAYRULLAYEVICH (river 1962), mechanical engineer, doctor of political sciences (2001). I graduated from the Karaganda poly technical institute (1984), the Higher Komsomol school at the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League (1989). In 1984-85 safety engineer of a motor depot произв. associations "Karaganda regional gas ", the head of the convoy of a motor depot ON "Karaganda regional gas".

In 1985-93 secretary of the Lenin district committee of Komsomol of Karaganda, assistant manager department of the Central Committee of LKSM of Kazakhstan, secretary, 1st secretary of the Karaganda regional committee of Komsomol, chairman of Committee of the youth organizations of Kazakhstan.

In 1993-95 the president of the Kazakh-American joint venture "Tengri", in 1995-99 the assistant manager department, the state inspector of organizational and control department of Administration of the President of RK. In 1999-2002 deputy akim of Astana, 2002-04 deputy minister of transport and RK communication.


In 2004-06 of the deputy the head of Administration of the President of RK. Since January. 2006 akym Karaganda region. It is elected the chairman of regional branch of people's democratic party "Nour Otan" (2006). «Құрмет» is awarded the order.