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MUSA MYRZA SHORMANULY (1818-84), biy, educator, ethnographer, colonel of imperial army. There lived in Niyaz vicinities of the lake Karakol present Osakarov the area. Musa along with Kazakh and Russian languages knew French. Bayanaul Russians nicknamed it "Big mister", and village Kazakhs "Myrza Musa".

In 1841 it is elected the assessor of the Bayanaulsky district, in 1953 becomes the sultan of the district. 15 years I was in this position before elimination by tsar Alexander ІІ sultanate.

In 1853 I became cornet, in 1854 an army Cossack captain, it was awarded by a gold medal and Sacred Anna's tape. In 1855 I participated in Nikolay's funeral І, in introduction ceremony on Alexander's throne ІІ, I was entitled the major and Sacred Andrey's tape.

In 1863 the colonel, in 1866 is awarded hordes. St.  Stanislav. On the means I constructed a mosque, madrasah in Bayanaul. Together with the younger brother Iza allocated funds for building of mosques in Pavlodar, Akmola, St. Petersburg. Since the childhood there was in good relations with Chokan Valikhanov and his friends A.K.Geynsom, G. N. Potanin. Was engaged in collecting folklore.

In 1865 with its participation in Omsk the Kazakh school preparing volost office workers opened. Was engaged in research work. The Russian scientists and officials consulted to it on stories and ethnography of the Kazakh people. I published the Art. about traditions and customs, economy of the Kazakh people in newspapers and magazines ("Semipalatinsk regional sheets", Omsk, No. 32-37, 1871 of; "Agriculture and forestry", 1883, 1422, No. 1; "Notes of the West Siberian department of Imperial Russian geographical society", Omsk, 1906, in subitem XXX ІІ). I died on December 26, 1884 in Omsk.


In 1885 (on July 18-23) there was Musa's commemoration in which 10 thousand people participated. They took place in 100 white yurtas, killed 300 rams and 200 horses. M.Zh.Kopeev wrote to "Zhoktau" concerning Musa's death, and also cycles of stories about Musa and his father Shorman. About Musa wrote in memoirs, Geyns memoirs, G. Potanin, D.Putintsev. Musa's business was continued by son Saduakas who supported the intellectuals, collected a scientific literary heritage of the father and transferred to the St. Petersburg publishing house.