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MAMRAEV MARTBEK (1908-89), guards staff sergeant, Hero of the Soviet Union (1944). Work. activity of the beginnings in 1924 in the Karkaraly area, then I worked in Karaganda. In 1931-34 the coalminer, in 1934-38 the electrician-mechanic, in 1938-40 the chairman of trade-union committee of mine No. 8/9 of. K.O. Gorbachev.

In 1940-42 mines No. 3 Kirovugol trust bis.

In 1942-44 in the Soviet Army. The heroic fighting exploit made in September, 1943 at Dnepr River speeding up, ordering machine-gun calculation of the 32nd shooting regiment of the 12th shooting division — provided a crossing of divisions. After wound at party and economic work in Karaganda.

In 1944-45, 1952-54 mines of S.M.Kirov № 20, in 1945-52 the 1st secretary of the Lenin district committee of party, in 1955-58 the 1st vice-chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of Karaganda, in 1958-72 the deputy director Chemical and metallurgical institute.


In 1972-85 engineer of patent and information department of this institute. "the honor Sign", is awarded the order by medals of Lenin. Honourable citizen of Karaganda (1971). In the building of HMI Mamrayev's bust is established.