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KORNILOV LAVR GEORGIYEVICH (1870-1918), general of the imperial army, one of leaders of White movement. Was born 18 (30) g August, 1870 in a village Karkaraly the Semipalatinsk Region in a family of the Cossack officer (horunzhy).

In 1889 I graduated from the Siberian (Omsk) military school; in 1892 — the Petersburg Mikhaylov artillery school with assignment of a rank of the second lieutenant; it is sent to Turkestan artillery crew.

In 1895-98 studied in the Nikolaev academy of the General Staff. In 1898–190 I served in a staff of the Turkestan military district. Successfully I executed a number of prospecting operations in Afghanistan, Persia and India; it is awarded Sacred Vladimir's awards. I published articles about the East countries, in 1901 I published the book "Kashgaria and East Turkestan". Participant of Russian-Japanese war; caused a stir in fights near Mukden (February, 1905); it is awarded the order Sacred George of the 4th degree; it is made in colonels.

In 1905-07 I held various positions in military districts. In 1907-11 the military agent (attache) in China; then I served in group of boundary guards. I received a rank of the major general. Before World War I temporarily I fulfilled duties of the chief of the 49th infantry division. At the beginning of war it is appointed the chief of the 48th infantry division as a part of Brusilov's 8th army (The South Western front). In September, 1914 during battle near Grudek (Galicia) managed to break to Hungary, but, without having got supports, it was compelled to recede with big losses.

During the Germanic-Austrian approach at the end of April, 1915 its division, despite desperate resistance, was surrounded and crushed in the Carpathians on the river to Dukl, and he together with her remains was taken prisoner to the Austrians. It is awarded the order Sacred George of the 3rd degree.

Till July, 1916 contained in the lock of prince Estergazi; having feigned nervous breakdown, achieved transfer to military hospital of Kesegy (to the North from Budapest), from where I ran home through Romania. In September, 1916 it is appointed the commander of the 25th infantry case (The South Western front); it is made in the lieutenant general. After February revolution I expressed support of the new power. On July 19 (on August 1), 1917 according to the decision of Provisional government it is appointed the Supreme Commander of Russia. I put forward the establishing order program in the back ("the kornilov program"), assuming militarization of transport and war industry; I published it 14 on August (27) at the State meeting in Moscow.

On August 27 (on September 9), 1917 minister-chairman Kerensky issued the order on removal of Kornilov to which that, however, didn't obey. With support of generals I tried to organize an anti-government protest. It is declared by the rebel and 2 on September (15) it is arrested.


October revolution I met hostilely. On November 19 (on December 2) it is released by order of the Supreme Commander of general N. N. Dukhonin. Tried to break through to Don, to ataman Kaledin, together with true to it the Tekin regiment. 5 on December (19) I arrived to Novocherkassk. I took active part in the organization of Voluntary army. Together with generals M. V. Alekseev and ataman Kaledin I rose at the head of the Don Civil Council created for the management of White movement in all territory of the former Empire and applying for a role of the All-Russian government, it is appointed the commander of Voluntary army. I headed the First Kuban campaign of volunteers on Ekaterinodar. I was lost on April 13 at a shelling during a city siege.