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GAVRILOV IVAN SAMSONOVICH (1912-44), staff sergeant, Hero of the Soviet Union (1943). Graduated from mining school, the supervising foreman in Makeyevka (Donbass) worked as the timberer, the foreman, the assistant to the chief.

In 1941-42 the chief of intra mine transport of mine No. 12 (Karaganda), was sent 1942-43 to Vorkuta for relief action in development of the Pechora coal basin. In 1943 it is called in ranks of Owls. Armies. Participated in the Great Patriotic War as a part of the 163rd shooting division of the 38th army in Kursk fight. The heroic exploit made at Dnepr River speeding up

2.10.1943 Ordering assault group, it is reserved from the opponent, at night, transported the office on the right coast, a throw seized enemy positions and held them before river speeding up by the main forces.


By 2 01.1944 it was fatally wounded in fight. It is awarded by awards and medals.