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EDIGE (Idigu, Idik, 1352-1419) emir and commander of the Golden Horde, Kutlu-Kab's son of a sort “мангыт”. Edige came to a historical scene together with Toktamysh. It was the era of feudal feud, time of office of Joint stock company of a horde from the Golden Horde, its formation as the certain state.

In 1376 Edige runs from Urus of the khan to Timur to Samarkand. After transition of the power to Joint stock company to a horde, and then in the Golden Horde to Toktamysh, Edige goes over to Timur. After Tokhtamysh's defeat in 1392 and flight from Timur, Edige establishes the power to Entre Rios of Volga and the Urals, bases the Nogai horde. In 1396-1411 was the actual governor of the Golden Horde. Together with Timur-kutlugom fought against Tokhtamysh.

In 1399 broke Tokhtamysh's running to Lithuania army. In 1406, after Tokhtamysh's death, located in Western Siberia.

In 1407-1409 made a campaign to Russia, having plundered Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-Pereyaslavl, Dmitrov, Serpukhov. Surrounded Moscow, but it did not manage to take the city.


In 1410-12 lost the power in the Golden Horde, was lost in 1419. It is buried in Ulytau.