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DULATOV MYRZHAKYP (1885-1935) - the writer, the playwright, the publicist, the educator, the teacher. After leaving school in 1904 goes to Omsk, participates in national liberation movement in the Urals, St. Petersburg, participated in work of congress of constitutional democratic party.

In 1905-07 in the district Zaisan taught at school.

In 1907 in St. Petersburg in the only issue of the newspaper to "Serke" there is a song «Жастарга» ("To youth"). Wide popularity was received by M. Dulatov's first collection under the name «Оян казак!» ("Wake up, the Kazakh! "). After release of the collection arrest and withdrawal of the collection of M. Dulatov follows, worked as the translator of court in Petropavlovsk, continued also teacher's activity, taught to the Kazakh children Russian. At this time he taught M. Zhumabayev.

In 1910 its novel «Бакытсыз Жамал» was published in Kazan ("Unfortunate Zhamal"). He writes articles which leave in the Kazakh publishing houses, in the Aykap magazine.

In 1912, having arrived to Orenburg, in 1913-18 together with A.Baytursynov based the Kazak newspaper of democratic and educational character.

In 1913 in Orenburg «Оян казак» in collection "Term" publishes verses from books «Оян казак» under the name "Azamat", in 1915 in Orenburg the processed verses ".

In 1917 worked in legal agencies of Petropavlovsk, in 1918-20 in the republican newspaper «Ак жол» of Tashkent. In 1922 M. Dulatov is arrested.

In 1922-26 teacher of the Kazakh Institute of National Education (KINE), head of department of the state press of Kazakhstan, associate editor of the newspaper «Енбекши казак». Prepared the two-act play "Esep Kuraly", the 4-aktny play "Balky". In 1924 in Orenburg were published «Кирагат китабы» (textbook anthology). In 1925 transferred V.I.Lenin's works about new economic policy, V. Zinovyev "History of the Russian Communist Party". M. Dulatov worked over history of Kazakhstan, from under its feather there was a book "History of an Origin of Kazakhs and Kyrgyz". In 1928 it is again arrested.

In 1930 according to the decision of OGPU board it is sentenced to death, later the sentence is replaced for 10 years of prison. 5.10.1935 M. Dulatov died in camp infirmary of station Sosnowiec.


In 1988 the board of the Supreme Court of the Republic completely rehabilitated M. Dulatov. Its remains in 1992 were transported in Turgay. Streets are called M. Dulatov's name, schools, in the homeland are a museum, the monument is established.