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BUKETOV EVNEY ARSTANOVICH (1925-83), chemist-metallurgist, scientist, Doctor of Engineering (1967), professor (1967), academician of AN KAZSSR (1975), member of the Union of writers of the USSR (1971). Graduated from the Kazakh mining and metallurgical institute (1950).

1950-60 the graduate student, the assistant, the associate professor of metallurgy of lungs and seldom meeting metals, the deputy director for studies.

In 1960-72 director Karaganda chemical metallurgical AN institute KAZSSR, 1972-80 rector the Karaganda state universaty, 1980–83 senior research associate, head of the laboratory of the AN Chemical and metallurgical institute KAZSSR. The founder the scientific directions in chemistry and technology chalcogen and chalcogenides the organizer and the head of 1st (1978) and 2nd (1982) All-Union councils (passed in Karaganda) on this branch. The method of division of simple phosphorus from composition of slime is called Buketov-Bayeshev's method (1986).

The author more than 200 scientific works, 9 monographs, about 90 discoveries, are patented in the USA, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland, GDR, Italy, Japan, etc. countries. Main discoveries: pyro and hydrochemical methods of division of selenium and tellurium from Electrolytic Copper slimes, an intensification of metallurgical processes, receiving manganese ferroalloy from poor ores and high-ash coal. Bouquets proved possibility of a hydrogenation of coals metallurgical oxidizers. Published a row literary works in the Kazakh and Russian languages in a genre of memoirs and autobiographical stories, art journalism about scientists and cultures of Kazakhstan. The author of sketches "The person who was born on a camel" (1975), "Creativity sides" (1977), "Chokan's sacred business" (in the collection "Ways to the Unknown", 1984) and essay collections. Translated into the Kazakh language the story "Artemka" of I.Vasilenko, "Stories and articles" to E.Zola, the novel "In Fetters" of I.Vazov, the play "Macbeth", "Julius Caesar" of W.Shakespeare and V. V. Mayakovsky's "Bug". Winner of the State award USSR (1969). The delegate of the 13, 14 congresses of Communist Party of Kazakhstan, was repeatedly elected the deputy of the Karaganda regional council. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and twice by the Certificate of honor of the Supreme Council of KAZSSR.

In 1985 the memorial board on Chemical and metallurgical institute where it worked in the last years of life is established. Buketov's name is appropriated Karaganda state. to university (1991).

In Karaganda there is Buketov's memorial museum. In 2005-06 there were 5 t. 6-volume collection of the scientific and literary and publicistic composition. Buketov's name is appropriated to one of streets of Karaganda. At the main case the HAG the monument to Buketov is established (2006).


In 2007 there was a book of the writer to M. Sarseke on a documentary basis in Russian "Evney Buketov".