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BUKEY (approximately 1737-1819), sultan, khan. Grandson Tourist's son of the khan, son Barrack of the khan. In 1749 Bukey at the request of the father removes from vicinities of Turkestan to northeast part of Kazakhstan, Karakesek is elected the sultan of a branch of Bigeldy of a sort. In the head of the 50th of 18 century near strengthening of Koryaks (present Pavlodar) participated in battles of Kazakhs Middle Horde against Dzhungar aggressors. In the 80-90th of 18 century Bukey promoted passing through the Kazakh steppe of the trade caravans going from Russia to Central Asia, to movement of knot of the trade road from Peter and Paul in Yamyshevsky fortress. For this purpose Bukey in 1785 under the leadership of known Biya Sarybagysh and Attack of the batyr actively supported the first Kazakh embassy to Russia.

During the period between August 2, 1786 and January, 1787 at the request of Bukey the Kazakh representation as a part of which there was also his son the Batyr the sultan visited St. Petersburg.

At the beginning of the 90th of 18 century, being in close connections with the governor of Tashkent Zhunus kozhy, the Barrack of the khan of icons returned possession (1740-50) of the father. Prior to the beginning of 1816 Bukey governed together with Uali the khan childbirth “каракесек, тортуыл” the Average Horde.


In June, 1817 it was declared by the khan of the territory along river of Zhayylm in 180 km from strengthening of Koryaks. Some of 11 children from 5 wives Bukey under the special decree of the Russian emperors in the 20-30th of 19 century were accepted in nobility of the Russian Empire. Bukey is buried in Turkestan.