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BEKTUROV ZHAIK KAGENOVICH (1912-98), writer-translator, journalist, member of the Union of writers of the USSR (1958). I graduated from the Kazakh communistic university (1934), KAZGU (1955). After the termination of teacher's courses (1928) Narkomata of KASSR education in to Atbasara worked as the teacher. In 1932-37 at Komsomol work.

In 1937-38 the deputy editor of the Leninshil Zhas newspaper, in 1938-39 the assistant manager «Социалистік Қазақстан» newspaper department, in 1939-42 the editor-in-chief of the regional newspaper "Kommunist" (Dzhambul). Was exposed to repressions. In the 50th at pedagogical work.


Since 1958 responsible secretary of the Karaganda interregional office of the Union of writers of Kazakhstan. I translated into the Kazakh language of the story of L.Panteleev, the novel "Robinson Crusoe" of D. Defoe (together with Z.Turarbekovym), certain heads of work of D. Lvovich, G. Serebryakova, Petefi Highway, etc. Historical sketches Zh.Bekturov about Sh. Valikhanov, I.Altynsarin, F.M. Dostoevsky, G. N. Potanin are published by the separate collection under the name "Live History" ("Zhol жоралғысы") in 1977. Were published the collection of verses "Өткел" (1991), the historical novel devoted to the period of repression of «Таңба» (1997), the publicistic collection «Енеден ерте айрылған төл секілді…» (2002). In honor Z.Bekturov. in Karaganda the junior library is called.