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BEYSENOV BARIMBEK SARSENOVICH (1923-97), lawyer, major general. Participant of the Great Patriotic War. Graduated from Almaty legal institute (1952). Candidate of jurisprudence. Worked as the investigator, the senior investigator, the assistant prosecutor of Alma-Ata.

In 1969-1985 B. Beysenov one of founders of the Karaganda higher school of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and her first chief. For a short time constructed educational cases of school, created material resources, created the faculty.

Since 1985 B. Beysenov professor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Almaty school, author of many monographs, educational and methodical grants. Working in the Supreme Court of RK, the Constitutional Court, the Prosecutor General's Office, scientific and consulting council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, being the member of the commission of the Supreme Council on creation of the Criminal code, made a huge contribution to formation of our country as constitutional state.


In 2001 the name B. Beysenov is appropriated by the government resolution to the RK Ministry of Internal Affairs present Karaganda legal institute founded by it. In the territory of institute B. Beysenov's bust is established.