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BARZHAKSIN AKHMET (1894-1935), public figure, collector of oral national creativity. In 1913 was the conductor of Karkaraly expedition of G. N. Potanin. Graduated from Omsk teacher's seminary (1918), Omsk agricultural institute (1922), the Moscow literary institute (1926). Participated in work of the organizations "Birlik", "Alash". In 1920 the board member of the Union of provincial agricultural cooperation worked in Akmola district revolutionary Committee, in 1921.

In 1923-24 chairman of the Union of cooperation of KAZSSR. In 1925-26 the instructor of national bureau at the Central Election Commission KAZSSR. In 1928 representative Centre of union cooperators in Berlin. In 1928 managing director Aktyubinsk regional Agricultural Bank.

In 1928 left ranks of Communist Party, it is accused of a trotskizm, it is sent to Western Siberia. In 1930-35 gave lectures at working faculty in Omsk. B. wrote on literary, art criticism, political, economic subjects. Published the book in the Kazakh and Russian languages "Thousand One Proverbs" in which the best Kazakh proverbs and sayings are collected.


In 1935 it is shot on false charge, it is rehabilitated posthumously.