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BAYTURSYNOV AKHMET  (1873-1938), statesman, poet, publicist, scientist, educator.

In 1891, having graduated from Turgay 2-cool Russian-Kazakh school, arrived in the Orenburg 4-year school. In 1895–1909 teacher at the Kazakh-Russian schools of the Aktyubinsk, Kustanay, Karkaraly districts, the manager of Karkaraly city school. Ahmet Baytursynov's introduction on a way of political activity coincided with events of 1905.

One of authors of the Karkaraly petition made in 1905 at Koyandin (Botov) fair. In it problems of modification of affairs of local management, court, national education, liberty of conscience, freedom of religious confession, censorship cancellation on editions of newspapers and permission of opening of publishing house, replacement of the Steppe provisions which have lost force with the legislation relevant to interests of the Kazakh people were lifted. Categorically it was required to stop resettlement of the Russian peasants to the Kazakh steppe. Ahmet Baytursynov was put under observation by gendarmes, on July 1, 1909 is arrested by order of the Troitsk governor and concluded in Semipalatinsk prison. In the charge shown to it, it was specified: was engaged in incitement of hatred among Russians and Kazakhs, extended ideas of autonomous self-government, sowed contention in the people. On February 19, 1910 the decision on resettlement Ahmet Baytursynov out of borders of Kazakhstan, to Orenburg where he lived until the end of 1917 is made. In Orenburg, having united with A.Bukeykhanovym, M. Dulatov, issued the first national newspaper "Kazakh".

Ahmet Baytursynov in 1917 became one of coauthors of the program of movement Alash, at the 2nd All Kazakh congress which has approved structure of the Alashorda government, is appointed the commission chairman on education.

Till March, 1919 member of department of the government of Alashorda of Turgay area. In March, 1919 went on negotiations with the Soviet government to Moscow on behalf of Alashorda's government, in July it was appointed the vice-chairman of the Kazakh revolutionary-military committee. In 1920 to V.I.Lenin sent the letter which was sharply criticizing the first steps in management of Kazakhstan of the Soviet government.

Was a part of the government of KAZASSR in August, 1920 as the commissioner of national education. At the same time the professor of opened KAZGU was engaged in teaching activity at the Kazakh institute of national education in Orenburg, in 1926-28 in Tashkent, since 1928. On June 2, 1929 together with 43 members of movement Alash is arrested in Alma-Ata, sent to Butyr prison to Moscow. With assistance of M of Gorky and his wife E.P. Peshkova in 1934 Ahmet Baytursynov is released, returned to Alma-Ata. On October 8, 1937 it is again arrested, on December 8 it is shot. It is rehabilitated in 1988. Throughout life Ahmet Baytursynov was engaged literary in creativity. The first songs of the poet were published in 1909 in St. Petersburg in the collection of transfers "Қырық мысал". Baytursynov's second book "Mas" (1911). He is a peculiar successor of traditions, philosophical thoughts of the humanistic, democratic direction created by Shokan, Abay, Ybyray. Ahmet Baytursynov made a huge contribution to collecting and the edition of works of oral national creativity. The first research in the field of literature was published in 1913 in the third issue of the Kazakh newspaper in the volume article "Chief Poet of Kazakhs". Specially systematized, selected the remained songs crying of the Kazakh oral literature, published them the separate book in 1926 under the name "23 жоқтау". The book "Әдебиет танытқыш" (1926) — the first large scientific-theoretical work in the Kazakh language. Ahmet Baytursynov wrote articles about the nature of the Kazakh language, its features, a condition of the Arab alphabet, terms, a technique of teaching of the Kazakh language.

In 1926, participating in the 1st All-Union congress turkologists, passing in Baku, gave the report on the subject "About Terminology in Turkic Languages". Ahmet Baytursynov put a lot of effort for training in the diploma of the Kazakh children. It wrote textbooks and the scientific work "Education guidance" (1912), "A grant on language" (1914) for training of adults in the diploma, "Әліпби" (1924), to «Жаңа әліпби»" (1926). A.Baytursynov at the beginning of 20 century laid the foundation for linguistics. The reformer of the Kazakh graphics on the basis of the Arab. Many streets, educational institutions, linguistics Institute, Kostanay university are called Ahmet Baytursynov's name.


In 1998 the 125 anniversary since the birth of Ahmet Baytursynov was widely celebrated, in Almaty republican scientific conference is held, the literary and memorial house museum and a monument are open.