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AUEZOV MUHTAR OMARKHANOVICH (1897–1961), classic of the Kazakh literature, public figure, academic AS KazSSR (1946), doctor of the philological sciences, professor (1946).  The deserved figure of the science KazSSR (1957). Ended the Leningrad University (1928). With an exit of its first work — tragedies " Енлик-Кебек" (1917) national drama art of Kazakhs arose.

In the 20th wrote stories "Orphan Share" (1921), "Marriage" (1923), "The educated person" (1923), "The beauty in mourning" (1925), stories "Events on Karash-Karash" (1927), "Who is guilty? " (1928), etc. The author more than 20 plays, his "Ayman-Sholpan" (1934), "Abay" (1940, co-author with L. S. Sobolev), "Karakoz" (1926), " Каракипчак Кобыланды" (1943-44), "Night watch" (1934), "On border" (1937), "At an o'clock of test" (1942), etc. are widely known to public of our country and abroad. Stories and stories "Shatkalak" (1935), "Shoulder to shoulder" (1935), "Traces" (1935) are devoted to a subject of collective-farm construction  "The hunter with a golden eagle" (1937) etc. In July, 1941 arrived to the Karaganda region with team of writers as a part of which were G. Musrepov, V. Chugunov, T.Zharokov. As a result of this business trip were published the play "At an O'clock of Test" (it is put 7 of November 1941 on a scene of Almaty Kazakh drama theater), sketches "Today day when each breath "Homeland", "In conveyors tells power of heroes", telling about dedicated work of the Karaganda miners and Balkhash metallurgists. M. Auezov wrote the first Kazakh epic novel "Way of Abay" about life of the great poet and the educator of Abay Kunanbayev. It was translated into 30 languages of people of the world. Language of the novel showing life of the whole era, showing the nationality, is especially fine and attractive. M. Auezov translated into the Kazakh language W.Shakespeare's many works, L.thick, I.Turgenev, N. Gogol, etc. writers. The 6-volumes (1955-57), 12-volumes (1967-69), 20-volumes (1979-1983), in Russian 5-volumes (1973-75) were published in Kazakh language.

"The way of Abay" was published in the 2nd volume. in "Library of the world literature" (1971). Are published a cycle of sketches "So Turkestan" (1956), "Sketches about India" arose (1958). In 1962 the first book of the incomplete epic "The Grown Posterity" was published. M. Auezov — the outstanding scientist, the founder of an Abay vision, the author of researches about stories of the Kazakh and Kyrgyz literature and folklore — enriched the Soviet literature with monographs "Abay Kunanbayev", "Thoughts of Different Years", "Manas". Under its management the first were published scientific treatment about stories of the Kazakh literature and folklore. Creativity M. Auezov became a subject of scientific researches. There was a new section of philological science — an Auezov vision. M. Auezov was elected the member of the Soviet committee on a defense of peace. It is awarded the order Lenin (1957) twice Red Labour Banner, "Honour Sign". Winner of the Lenin award (1959) and State. awards USSR (1949).


Deputy of the 4-5th convocation of the Supreme Council of KAZSSR. In Karaganda city library was called M. Auezov's name.