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AUBAKIROV TOKHTAR ONGARBAEVICH (1946), the first cosmonaut– Kazakh, doctor of the technical sciences (1998), professor, the deserved test pilot of the USSR (1990), major general of aircraft (1992), Hero of the Soviet Union (1988), Plaited white Халық Қаһарманы PK (1995), space pilot of RK (1995).

In 1962-65 was the turner of Temirtau foundry and mechanical plant. Graduated from Armavir highest military and flight school (1969).

1969-75 pilot, commander of a link, deputy commander of squadrons of the Far East federal district military air forces of the USSR. Graduated from the Moscow school of test pilots (1976), the Moscow institute of aircraft (1979).

1976-1992 the test pilot of Skilled design office of. A.I.Mikoyan in Moscow. Tested more than 50 new types of jet planes. In 1990 it was enlisted in group of astronauts. On October 2, 1991 "TM-13 Union" started in space from Baikonur by the ship.

October 10, 1991. T.Aubakirov returned to Earth.


In 1992-93 the 1st secretary of the Minister of Defence of RK, 1993-94 the general, the director of the RK National space agency, the deputy minister, 1994-95 the deputy of the Supreme Council of RK, the chairman of Committee on defense and safety, with the 1996th adviser of the President of RK, the deputy secretary of Security council of RK. Deputy of Mazhilis of parliament of RK of the 3rd convocation.