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AMANZHOLOV KASYM RAKHIMZHANOVICH (1911-55), poet. Studied in Semipalatinsk vettechnicum, Uralsk teacher training college, the Leningrad institute of forestry. The first verses are published in 1931. At the beginning of a career K.Amanzholov adhered to canons of traditional poetry zhyrau (legends) and tolgau (reflections).

K.Amanzholov the poet innovator, one of founders of lyrics in the Kazakh poetry, filled up with its fresh composite forms. In the collection of verses "A life confession" ("Өмір сыры ", 1938), "Storm" ("Дауыл ", 1948), in poems "Mysterious Girl" ("Құпия қыз ", 1939), "The legend on death of the poet" ("Ақын өлімі туралы аңы ", 1944), "Ours dastan" ("Біздің дастан ", 1947) etc. K.Amanzholov's peculiar lyrical talent was shown. The poet displayed life of Kazakhstan, heroism of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War. K.Amanzholov entered a ten-syllabic line which nowadays the Kazakh poets widely use into the Kazakh verse. To K.Amanzholov belong the collection " Балбөбек " ("The beautiful child") and " Өлеңдер " ("Verses"), 1949, " Нурлы дуние " ("The light world"), 1950, etc.

A lot of work was enclosed by K.Amanzholov in development of dramatic art, criticism and arts. transfer; it is known as the song author and the composer. Its songs "Dariga" and "Own country" are widespread in the people. Poems "Poltava" of Pushkin, Lermontov's "Masquerade", "At the top of the voice" Mayakovsky, "Vasily Terkin" Tvardovsky, etc. are translated to them into the Kazakh language of the letter from the poem by "Leyli-Medzhnun's" Bottoms. His compositions are translated into Russian and other languages of the people of the USSR. The street in Karaganda, the rural district in the Karkaraly area is called K.Amanzholov's name.


In the second half of December, 1918 Amangeldy's groups, having united with divisions of expedition. Dzhangildin's group, released of Turgay. However on the night of May 18, 1919 of Amangelda it was arrested by representatives of alash’s people and it is brutally killed. Amangeldy's memories devoted the works Dzhambul, M. Auezov, S. Mukanov, G. Musrepov, B. Maylin, the Russian writers P. Kuznetsov, L.Sobolev, D. Snegin, etc.