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AMANGELDY UDERBAYULY IMANOV (1873-1919), the national hero, one of heads of national liberation revolt of the Kazakh people of 1916, the hero of civil war in Kazakhstan. Was born in a family of the poor cattle-farmer in the Kaydaul parish of the Turgay district (the present Amangeldy region of Turgay area).

In 1908-09 it was condemned for participation in collision with guard soldiers in Turgay. Established connection with representatives democratic intellectuals A.T.Dzhangildin, N. Tokarev, I.Denisovym, A.Maykotovym, I.Deyev, etc. Colonial oppression, unreasonable increase in taxes on the eve of World War I, the imperial decree of 25.06.1916 about mobilization for rear works of "foreigners" of Kazakhstan, Central Asia and Siberia were the reasons of revolt of 1916 which captured almost all main regions of Edge.


In September-October, 1916 groups of the risen totaled 50 thousand people. The local village parish administration was discharged of management, and the power passed to insurgents. On Amangeldy duties of the commander-in-chief were assigned. Ranks of the risen were joined by workers from Irgiz, Kustanay, Aktyubinsk, Baikonur mine, Chokparkul coal copies and the Orneburg-Tashkent railroad of Amangelda united ranks of the risen Kazakhs of Turgay, Kustanay, Irgiz, Aktyubinsk districts, partially Syr-Darya, Akmola and Semipalatinsk area, trained insurgents in weapon handling receptions, tactics of conducting fight, organized weapon workshops, proved the capable military head of the risen. For revolt suppression the imperial authorities created special retaliatory expeditions — the case under command of the gen. A.D.Lavrentyeva as a part of 17 rifle companies, 18 Cossack hundreds, 4 cavalry squadrons on which arms there were 18 tools and 17 machine guns. The case landed groups in Chelkara, Aktyubinsk, Kustanay. Persistent resistance to groups of chasteners showed sarbazes Amangeldy in fights near Kozhekolem, Tatyr, Tunkoyma, Shoshkalykop, Kuyunkop, Dagal-Urpek, at a siege of Turgay. Amangeld took active part in establishment of the Soviet power in Turgay area, headed organizational work of parish and village Councils. Participated in work of the 1st congress of Councils of Turgay area. After Amangeldy was the military commissioner of the Turgay district, formed the Kazakhstan's first national Red Army parts of poor people of villages, workers of Karsakpay and Baikonur.