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ALIHAN BUKEYHANOV NURMUKHAMEDULY (1866-1937)  public and statesman, head of national liberation and Alash movement, Prime Minister of the Alashordin autonomy, publicist, scientist, translator. In 1879-86 goes to school for the Kazakh children in Karkaralinsk, by means of governor general G. A.Kolpakov arrives in Omsk technical school and studies there since 1886 on 90 g. In 1890-94 at the St. Petersburg Imperial forest institute. A.Bukeykhanov drew attention of the Russian gendarmerie in student's years and was included in a black list "politically unreliable". After the termination of institute comes back to Omsk. Works as the mathematics teacher in forestry School. Is a part of the Steppes Edge newspaper editorial board. Participates in the various expeditions studying life and a life of the people of Steppes. In 1896 there is a full member of the West Siberian department of Imperial Russian Geographical society. And. Bukeykhanov in November, 1905 participated in work of the Territorial council which has passed in Moscow, acted on problems of freedom of languages, a religion choice etc. as the Kazakh people. Becomes the party member of cadets in 1906 and is the editor in Omsk cadet newspapers "Voice of Steppes", "Omish" and "Irtysh", 1908 — Menshevist gas. "Companion", cadet — "Speech", the "Word", published in Petersburg. In 1912-17 became the member of the Central Committee of party of cadets.

At the beginning of 20 century. A.Bukeykhanov made a huge contribution to political and spiritual life of the Kazakh society, to the Kazakh newspaper organization. In June, 1914 participated in the All-Russian congress of Muslims organized by Muslim fraction of the State Duma, was the permanent member of bureau of Muslim fraction. Since 1917. A.Bukeykhanov executed duties of the head of department of the foreigners opened at the territorial and city union.

On March 20, 1917 it is appointed to a position of the member of Turkestan committee and the commissioner of Provisional government of Turgay area. Creation of the National state was A.Bukeykhanov's main objective. It laid hopes on Provisional government, on party of cadets. Under its management in July, 1917 the first All Kazakh congress is carried out, the Alash party was created. December 5-13, 1917 in Orenburg passed the All Kazakh congress considering a problem about statehood of Kazakhs, the government of the Alashorda autonomy is created, A.Bukeykhanov was elected the chairman of this government.


In 1920 the member of board of the Land national commissariat of KAZASSR, in 1922 the research associate of the Central publishing house at a national commissariat (Moscow) for the nations, 1926-27 the research associate of AN of Russia. Was a part by definition of the land norm necessary for the Kazakh farms. To 1 secretary of the Kazakhstan regional party committee F. I.Goloschyokin and the central bodies did not like the conclusions and the offers made by this commission, scientifically proved lack of the free lands suitable for immigrants to Kazakhstan.