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AKBAEV ZHAKYP (1876-1934), state and public figure, member of the government of Alashorda, lawyer, master of laws. Studied in Omsk and Tomsk gymnasiums (1898). Graduated from law department of the St. Petersburg university (1903). Being trained at the St. Petersburg university, ended a full course of Archaeological faculty. In student's years participates in political struggle, publishes articles in the newspaper " St. Petersburg Statements", "Dala ualayaty".

In 1903-05 works as the secretary of Omsk trial chamber.

Since 1905 because of fight against colonial system, the imperial government it was ousted.

In 1905 together with A.Bukeykhanovym, A.Baytursynovym organized the Karkaraly petition which has expressed a protest against colonial oppression of the Kazakh people. Being in Semipalatinsk prison, on March 30

Writes the letter to the known lawyer, the professor of the St. Petersburg university L.I.Petrazhitsskiy in whom the first among the Kazakh intellectuals raises a question of receiving a separate autonomy of the Kazakh edge 1906.

In 1908 refers at first to Omsk, in the subsequent it put in prison in. Dripped Zhetysuy area.

During the reference in 1909 writes the letter to the senator to count Palen in whom gives the deep analysis of political and economic, social position of the colonized Kazakhstan, tells about a difficult situation of Edge.

In 1912-15 is engaged in lawyer activity. In 1915-16 it is again arrested for resistance of the imperial power. After release from prison at the beginning of 1917 Alash actively participates in movement. On July 21-26, 1917, being the delegate of All Kazakh congress, Alash participates in creation of the draft of the party program. At the 2nd All Kazakh congress (5–13 Dec. 1917) it was elected the member of the government of Alashord.

In 1918 the Kolchakov military city court arrests him for the management of armed revolt in Semipalatinsk, directed on overthrow of military dictatorship, and on July 7, 1919 sentences to execution, then he is released from custody. In 1919-1927, directing right department as a part of Semipalatinsk Tomsk provincial revolutionary committee, participates in business of the organization of legal agencies of Semipalatinsk area.

And. in 1927 wrote the fundamental scientific work "About an Origin of the Kazakh People".


In 1928 comes to the village. Novotroitsk the Chuy region of the Dzhambul area also is engaged in scientific and creative activity. Because of the actions directed against the Soviet power, membership in party Alash was arrested on September 14, 1930, in April, 1932 is banished to the Voronezh Region. In 1934 Zhakyp was released and died on July 4, 1934. It is rehabilitated in 1958.