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Uighur national and cultural center

Uighur national and cultural center


(national proverb)

Uyghur - the most ancient people of Central Asia making indigenous people of Sintszyan - the Uighur independent area (People's Republic of China). Earlier the territory was called as East Turkestan which was won by Tsinn Kitaya's ruling dynasty in 1759 that was a reason for numerous revolts of the Uighur people against Chinese-Manchurian gains. The most great national-liberation movement of the Uyghur - "Dungan" - Kazakhs was in 1864-1867. As a result of this movement in the territory of East Turkestan a number of the states were formed: Lettishar, Ili Sultanate, Dungan Khanate.

In 1881 according to the Petersburg contract between Russia and China the Ili edge was transferred to China, and a part of the territory where there lived the Uyghur, departed Russia. According to this contract inhabitants of Ili edge could move on the territory of Russia. A part of the Uyghur - about 100 thousand people expressed desire to lodge in Semirechye. Here the Uyghur formed the city of Zharkent, created about 90 settlements in True. The main part of the Uyghur moved in the Ili valley in 1881-1883.

Census fixed in Kazakhstan accommodation of 210365 Uyghur, including in the Karaganda area - 686 people. The Karaganda branch of the Republican cultural center of the Uyghur of Kazakhstan is officially registered in November, 2003.

Collective of amateur performances of the Uighur center at a republican festival

 The branch of the center aspires to keep and develop traditions, customs, language, culture and history of the Uighur people. Active members of the Karaganda branch of the organization are Rayamgul Bekshina - the worker of regional financial management, Takhir Usmanov - the chief of notary office, Munir Sadykov, Rakhimzhan Muzafarov, Raisa Dzhalilova - businessmen.


Nauryz, Shrovetide, drinking bout... - far not the full list of holidays in which the branch of the Uighur national and cultural center takes part. The special attention is given to language policy. Courses on studying of the native language operate. The branch renders moral and financial support to needing compatriots. The Karaganda branch "Republican cultural center of the Uyghur of Kazakhstan" considers as the purpose all-round contribution of consolidation of the Kazakhstan society, strengthening of an international consent, friendship and trust between representatives of various nationalities.