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Jewish national and cultural center

Jewish national and cultural center


(national proverb)

In Kazakhstan lives more than 15000 Jews, including in the Karaganda area - 1500 people.

In 1990 the Karaganda center of the Jewish culture was created, and in 1999 the Jewish community of the Karaganda area is officially registered.

Work of the Jewish community has program character: general educational program, charity to elderly and needy people; medical care, information support, performance of funeral services and care of the Jewish cemetery, in the long term - the help to the Jews being in places of imprisonment.

The cultural center has the charter and the work plan. Purposes and center tasks: development of national culture, revival of customs of the Jewish people, education of culture of international communication, cooperation with public associations and centers, Hebrew studying. Except the Jewish holidays reflecting traditions and history of the Jewish people "Rosh - A-Shang", "Sukkot", "Hanukkah", "Purim" and others, the center takes part in events occurring in the region.

In Sunday school which Tatyana Gurov directs, children study the Jewish traditions, culture, develop creatively. At music lessons under the direction of Elena Boyko children learn the Jewish songs. Teacher-psychologist Tatyana Priz learns children to communicate, find a way out of any created situations correctly. Occupations take place in a game form. Competitions on the best drawings, the hand-made articles connected with history and tradition of the Jewish people are held. In the summer children have a rest in camp "Gan Isroel".

Annually Sunday school celebrates "Day of Accident and heroism" - in memory of 6 million Jews who were lost as a result of genocide during the Second World War. The Jewish community and the general educational Shouting Avner complex indispensable participants in celebration of veterans of the Second World War.

The youth club "Beyakhad" became a constant place of collecting, young men and girls here have a rest, have fun, celebrate the Jewish holidays, raise the intellectual level. The family club is intended for people of advanced age "Микдаш катан" where it is possible to learn about life and activity of known Jewish writers, art workers, sciences. At amateur theater under the direction of the assistant professor of KGMA of Century B. Molotov-Luchan, amateur actors comprehend theater elements. With success there passed on a scene of KARSTU statement according to G. Gorin's play "Prayer for the dead". In "Pnin's" women's club of his participant get acquainted with the Jewish kitchen, celebrate birthdays, impart experience education of children.


The Jewish community is a part of Federation of the Jewish communities of the CIS (Moscow). Young people - members of a community have possibility according to the Taglit program to carry out a free fact-finding trip to Israel.