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Materials from periodicals

Materials from periodicals

Holiday every day

In the beginning there was only eternal, boundless, dark Chaos. The source of life of the world consisted in it. All arose from boundless Chaos - the whole world and immortal gods.

From Chaos there was also an earth goddess - the Gay. From Chaos, a life source, mighty force, all quickening love - the Eros was born also. The boundless Chaos generated an eternal gloom - Ereb and dark night - Nyukta. And from night and a gloom occurred eternal light - Air and joyful light day - Gemera... Modern Greeks, lineal descendants ancient Greeks, begun philosophy, a science and art, play now scenes from life of gods on holidays. At Sunday school of the Temirtau center "Hermes" not only study Greek, here put performances, sing and dance under the teacher Greek and in combination the choreographer of Aneksi ensemble Natalia Populidi. In the city metallurgists this collective well know. The well-known Sirtaki dances on all city holidays and surely invites inhabitants to the national. As, for example, for the Panagia holiday, either the Lady day on March 25, or Christmas carols.

In the Greek traditions the orthodox religion, myths about gods and history are fancifully bound. So, on March 25 Greeks celebrate one more big holiday - Independence Day. As a result of eight-year national-liberation war of 1821-1929 the Ottoman yoke was dethroned. Let's remind those who forgot partially history: heroic emancipating war of the Greek people against Turkish aggressors united under the banners and foreign volunteers. Among them there was English poet D. Byron. Poand-Myagkikh, O, Holiday each day / Island. Soft//Industrial Karaganda. – 2008. – 16th deck. to the rianopol contract of 1829 signed after a victory of Russia in Russian-Turkish war, Turkey recognized an autonomy of Greece. Officially independent state it became on March 25, 1830. Since then annually on a central square of Athens passes military parade with assignment colors on a grave of the unknown soldier. And the Embassy of Greece in Kazakhstan carries out reception for representatives of the Greek diasporas from all country.

One more important holiday for all Greeks is celebrated in October. In the night of October 28, 1940 the Italian ambassador transferred to the prime minister of Greece Ioannisa Metaksas telegram to Mussolini, in which Greece the Answer of the Greek prime minister was offered to be given on favor to the Italian dictator was categorical - "Isn't present!" (in Greek - "Okhi!"). Now "Okhi!" is the state holiday of the Greek Republic. It is a symbol of firmness and courage of the Greek people in fight against fascism, his immemorial commitment to humanity and world ideals.

In general, calendar year in Greece is a continuous train of festivals and festive events, the majority from which simply good occasion to drink and dance.


In the Greek families don't quarrel concerning a name choice newborn. What in vain to argue, when and so all is known. I give the help. Father Konstantin Dmitriyevich Tekinidi called Dmitry Konstantinovich. The mother-in-law of mother Despina Ivanovna Kasapidi called Despina (the name, by the way, is translated as "girl"). In a word, children calling in honor of parents. And if kids more than close relatives, devout Greeks name sacred, in whose day the child was born. Given rise for Easter, for example, named Hristo or Anastas (resurrected). And the birthday noted a child on this big holiday, considering that it has no constant date.

Well it everything will be then. For beginning future parents should get married. Greeks sacredly protect the traditions, and nothing force them from them to depart. Here, Despin Kasapidi married in Soviet period, and one - the celebration passed all, as well as put with wedding. - The Greek wedding can last week, - the woman tells. - At first parents of the bride do wedding for svoky relatives, but without groom. It on a stag-party in a bath with friends walks at this time. Next day wedding is done completely by the party of the groom. To the Greek weddings young should go round three times quarter where there live parents of the groom. There they are waited already by parents with icons. And still the tray with boiled chicken is presented to the young, which in every possible way decorate, putting on multi-colored paper pants. And the young wife should break a foot a plate - a purity and innocence symbol.

On wedding performance of several more obligatory rituals is important. The first dance with the young is danced by seven crowned pairs, all hold the lit church candles. Any shouts "it is bitter!". And God forbid from kisses. At Greeks in the presence of seniors don't kiss.


Wedding ceremonies take place in the Greece a little differently. Konstantin Tekinidi says that before the young will leave a church building, relatives cling them on clothes money. And that him absolutely surprised, so it is tradition at the height of feast to throw the groom into the pool with water. Probably, the climate obliges: hot still and to cool a heat of the young doesn't disturb. Happy guests disperse not empty-handed - to everyone give beautiful bags with candies. Let houses will drink tea for health of the young!

Soft, Lake. My big Greek wedding / Lake. Soft//Industrial Karaganda. – 2008. - 16th deck.

Can’t be more delicious

Hardly you cross the house of the Greek as will hear: "Эна кафедаки?" The offer of one cup of coffee - business usual for Greeks, fans of this fragrant a drink. It drink before the beginning of any food intake and necessarily submit to coffee a glass of cold water. And, certainly, a table not costs without freshly squeezed orange juice.

If to continue a subject of drinks, Greeks are a good judge in good wine and are proud of "Metaxa" * - world of known first class branded cognac. Men wish to pass a glass-another bonds. It is the peculiar vodka flavored with an anise. A smell as, however, and taste, I will tell to you, rather the specific.

The meal for Greeks is much more, than simply food intake. Perhaps, behind a dining table there passes the most active part of the life of Greeks. Families, friends at the table gather; postponing all the affairs, at some o'clock forget about troubles, enjoying communication, rest and, certainly, favorite dishes. Some hours because the Greek meal lasts long. And so was always - enough to remember Homer or Platon, the description of generous feasts, symposiums with refined dishes and drinks behind which political destinies were decided, the world history was managed.

Greeks speak: the higher to mountains, the meat is more tasty. Prepare it in various variations, even a shish kebab do on wooden skewer. It not to what we got used. Meat not marinate, but it is pleasant to Greeks! And still they in large numbers and with a huge pleasure absorb dishes from eggplants and haricot. Want to prepare the Greek dish? Add haricots - and the national dish is ready. Here, for example, add in vinaigrette instead of green peas boiled haricot, and it will be vinaigrette in Greek.

 Despin Kasapidi shared simple, but "Tinikhta's" very tasty recipe.

- In the added some salt water boil haricot. (Some advise: as soon as water with haricot will begin to boil, to merge it and to add the cold. To do so three times. It will accelerate haricot cooking.) Here important haricot not seethe. The sauce separately prepares. On vegetable oil a large number of onions is fried. A little water, a bay leaf, black pepper, a spoon of tomato paste and the cut garlic is added. A sauce will boil and fill in haricot, without mixing. Let's to a dish be drawn. And bon appetite!

After aperitif and acceptance of the main dish it is a high time to take pleasure in a dessert. On sweet to you can offer inconceivable quantity of various rolls and pretzels. But with it us unless you will surprise? To us submit something exotic. And so specially for gourmets. Take an ice water-melon, having cooled it in the refrigerator. Cut, having cut off a peel, and submit with salt cheese feta. It is tasty unusually!

Myagkih, O.Can’t be more delicious/ O.Myagkih//Industrial Karaganda – 2008. – 16th of December.

Who knows more, that has better a rest

Having communicated to people who were in Greece not once, collected their supervision in the such small guidebook for those who is going to go to this fantastic paradise. It will help you to learn better the country and its inhabitants.


Descendants Zeus, Dionysus, Aphrodite and others are able to enjoy life fully. The southern temperament, the impetuous optimism illustrated by the favorite phrase of Greeks: "God willing!", the good sense of humor, openness and friendliness in relation to representatives of other cultures - all this to some extent can characterize modern Greek. But know that the hot climate compels Greeks to organize differently the working day. From 13 to 17 o'clock (siesta time) here it is accepted to have a rest. So, any business meetings for this time don't plan. And that risk not to wait the Greek partner. Sit in cafe behind a coffee cup in Greek better.


Consider, what the Kazakhstan drivers the most reckless? Means, you didn't meet yet the Greek masters of driving. Nerves of steel, a reflex of the acrobat and exclusively vigilant guardian angel - here that is necessary for the driver on roads of Greece if he wants to remain live and safe. Anything not suspecting motorist should guess itself, whether the car going before it is going to be reconstructed, curtail or simply suddenly to stop. Therefore the driver in Greece should possess excellent peripheral sight and look at the same time to the right and on the left, coming nearer to an intersection. And motorcyclists scurry about there-here between cars with carelessness from which in veins blood runs cold.


Know, the Greek can't talk, if hands are occupied from it. Two friendly talking make impression of the people hating each other, and the company having fun Greeks is similar to rack of the hounds which have caught sight of a fox.

Greeks - extroverts on character therefore be not surprised if absolutely the stranger on the street suddenly starts to tell you about the views on life and the events around. Greeks on everything have the opinion. They are fans to philosophize, flavoring the speech by banal aphorisms. This phenomenon received the name of "wine philosophy" as it is very similar to idle chatter of drunk idlers. Also be not surprised, when, having finished the ardent speech, the Greek will leave away, at all without having presented.


Greeks have a proverb: "Purity makes a nobility half". Therefore house cleaning - a point of honor and hobby of the Greek women. Doors in rooms are, as a rule, open wide open in order that everyone could be convinced that the hostess doesn't try to hide a disorder. Purely and on the street. Owners of an uncountable set of little shops wash with shampoo sidewalks near the points. The sidewalk sparkling by purity as a result appears. And to roads not less quivering relation. Therefore, coming into the Greek house, don't remove footwear. In the first, you can offend by this rash act owners. And to what all these ceremonies, when around such purity!


If you visited the Greek market, consider that descended in theater. Pleasures from game of actors, that is sellers, receive much. " Эла эдо пулакиму" - "Idi here my birdie" As a last resort: " Эла педьяму эдо" - "Go, children, here". Clients the Greek sellers so convoke. You tenderly call a birdie, a small fish and other inhabitants of flora and fauna if only you bought the offered goods. Bargain. Then you won't simply save euro couple, but also can take pleasure in magnificent game of the dealer which will tear on itself the last, as he said, a shirt, proving that only for you it gave such maximum discount.


On Sundays pious Greeks all family go to church. Greece - the country religious. There are a lot of churches, in each city quarter there is the. Children surely christen even in infancy, putting on kids gold daggers. And marriage is considered recognized only after wedding in church. Religious holidays in the country are equated to state and are noted with big scope. And if you decide to visit night service in church, know, problems won't reach to the house at you. Parishioners with pleasure also will free of charge take to the destination. After all precept: "Help the near" cancelled nobody!


The body and beauty cult esteemed by Greeks, sank into oblivion together with Hera and Apollo. Modern heroes on external indicators are far from the ideal ancestors as the chariot isn't similar to «Ford focus». The stately, perfectly combined ancient Greeks whom we got used to see on pictures in books, contemporaries replaced heavy, with extra kilos on each side. The general hobby for fast food and German beer made the business. Now even spacious national tunics unable to hide the proportions which have increased in times there is no time divine ph. From here a conclusion - healthy nutrition and useful and beautifully!


Myagkih, O .Who knows more, that has better a rest / O.Myagkih//Industrial Karaganda. – 2008. - 16th of December