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Belarusian national and cultural center

Belarusian national and cultural center


(national proverb)

According to population census of 1999 in Kazakhstan lived 111927 people, including in the Karaganda area - 21579 Belarusians.

At the end of the XVIII century the Belarusian lands appeared as a part of the Russian Empire. After revolt suppression, especially in 1863-64, under the direction of K.Kalinovskiy, more than 12 thousand people were sent from Belarus mainly to the east, including in present northern areas of Kazakhstan. The first and second world wars caused huge waves of emigration of Belarusians to east regions.

The Kazakhstan diaspora also essentially replenished with eviction during collectivization and repressions of the 30-50th years, the deported Belarusians, from the Western Belarus attached in 1939. Essential growth of number of Belarusians occurred in days of virgin soil development. In the 70th years migratory outflow began: the people lifting a virgin soil, began to come back home.

The diaspora was legally designated on January 17, 2002 in the form of Fund Belarusian culture "Spadchyna". Initiators of its creation were Anatoly Vasilyevich Maysyuk, Yury Anatolyevich Gusakov and Yury Antonovich Farino. The big help in formation of Fund was rendered the ambassador of Republic of Belarus in the Republic of Kazakhstan by Larissa Vladimirovna Pakush.

Creation of the center of "Spadchyna" allowed to consolidate Belarusians, to hold various events for studying Belarusian culture, language, traditions and customs. For a short period young NKTs managed to make much. The fund Belarusian culture "Spadchyna" isn't necessary away from strengthening of a spiritual consent in the Kazakhstan society and the state, one of the most active participants in different organization "round tables", conferences.

Thanks to activity of heads, the Belarusian diaspora has possibility to hear answers to the questions firsthand. The ambassador of RB L.Pakush met students and professor-teaching structure of the Karaganda branch of university of D.A.Kunayev twice. The stand and library in the Belarusian language are created, regular receiving from Belarus of periodic literature is adjusted. The direction of graduates of schools of citizens of RK - is carried out to higher education institutions of Republic of Belarus. Continuous work on rendering of mutual financial, moral and legal aid to needing citizens proceeds.


"Spadchyna" takes active part in the various cultural events which are carried out by other national and cultural centers and public authorities. The fund of culture of "Spadchyn" doesn't feel sorry for forces and energy for strengthening in the Kazakhstan society of an international and interfaith consent.