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Polish national and cultural center

Polish national and cultural center




In the territory of Kazakhstan Poles appeared for the first time in XV ІІІ-H_H centuries. This was participants of liberation movement, including participants of revolts 1830 and 1863.

For long years a white spot in the history of Poles of Kazakhstan there was their mass deportation from the western regions of Ukraine and Belarus of 1936. In days of the Second World War nearly 250 thousand Poles were deported. According to population census of 1999 in Kazakhstan lived 47297 people, from them 5572 - in the Karaganda area.

The Karaganda regional Polish society of "Polonium" was organized by one of the first in November, 1991. Franz Nikolaevich Boguslavsky became his chairman. Primary activity of the Polish society is educational, cultural and educational work, revival and cultivation of the Polish customs and traditions, carrying out exhibitions, concerts, competitions, evenings, development of amateur performances, preparation of youth for study in the highest and average educational institutions of Poland. Know in area female vocal group "Skovronka" and a dancing circle which heads E.T.Nadobko.

Under the agreement between the Ministries of Education of Kazakhstan and Poland to which more than 10 years, to schools of Karaganda there come the Polish teachers for training to the native language of children and adults. At high schools of Karaganda and in a gymnasium of Temirtau courses are run on Polish studying. In higher education institutions of Poland more than 70 people, including at prestigious faculties in such oldest higher education institutions of Eastern Europe, as the Krakow university are trained. For example, the graduate of school gymnasium of a name of T.Aubakirov - Sergey Galimsky - the student of mining and metallurgical academy of a name S. Stashits in Krakow.

The Polish humanitarian action "Vspulnota Polska" annually on summer vacations takes out children studying Polish to Poland. 20-25 school students learn history of Poland more deeply, in practice of communication with locals acquire the received language knowledge. Besides "Vspulnota Polska" organizes courses of intensive studying of language during which tours are conducted, there is an acquaintance to customs and traditions, culture of the Polish people.

About prospects of an educational program within cooperation of two states, says that fact that society of "Polonium" and regional Department of education held conference of the Polish teachers on a subject: "Polish studying in Kazakhstan. Condition and prospects". Under the agreement between the Ministries of Education of Poland and Kazakhstan, the Polish party annually provides the cultural centers with teachers. And children and adults not only the Polish nationality, but also all wishing use the right of free studying of language.


The Polish national and cultural center of "Polonium" actively participates in region life, fruitfully cooperates with public organizations and cultural institutions and formations of area.