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Tatar-Bashkir national and cultural center

Tatar-Bashkir national and cultural center


(national proverb)

As the history testifies, the Kazakh and Tatar people communicate with each other more than 400 years. The considerable number of Tatars lived in Kazakhstan in the XIX century - 79758 people. According to population census of 1999 in Kazakhstan lives 327982 persons, in the Karaganda area - 45811 people.

Bashkirs, the self-name - bashkort. Language - Bashkirian, belongs to Turkic languages.

According to population census of 1926 in Kazakhstan lived the 812th Bashkir. Today number of the Kazakhstan diaspora the Bashkir makes 23225 people which bulk lives in Kostanay and Karaganda areas (in Karaganda-5652 persons).

Among the first centers of revival of national culture there was in the area territory the Karaganda regional Tatar-Bashkir national cultural center.

The history of creation of the regional Tatar-Bashkir cultural center began with April, 1994 when the public organization, after registration received the status. From the very first days the asset of the cultural center pays much attention to strengthening of ties with Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. In 1995 on the I World Kurultay the Bashkir, in the city of Ufa, the Agreement in the field of economic and cultural cooperation between the government of Bashkortostan and the head of the Karaganda regional administration was signed.

Art staff of the Tatar-Bashkir center takes active part in all national and anniversary holidays of area. With big success passed a literary musicale devoted to the 90 anniversary of the known poet, the hero of the Great Patriotic War - Musa Dzhalil.

The annual national holiday the "Sabantuy" having centuries-old history since pagan times is popular in inhabitants. According to the Cooperation agreement in the field of education between the Ministry of Education of Tatarstan and the Karaganda regional department of education at four schools of the October district of Karaganda since 1997 classes in studying of the Tatar language as native are conducted. At the regional center the Sunday school works. The choreographic circle under the direction of Rufina Hafizovna Nadyrova successfully operates.

In Karaganda are a success at the audience and amateur national collectives, youth variety «Yashlyk» ensemble in the city of Abay , «Munnar» and «Suuyumbikе» ensembles. In the dramatized holiday "I am a son of the people", the adoption of law devoted to the 10 anniversary "About languages", the regional Tatar-Bashkir cultural center presented the bright Sit-round gathering program in which sounded the Tatar and Bashkir speech, a folk music and songs.

The regional Tatar-Bashkir cultural center has good material resources. In the center the cafe of ethnic cuisine of "Сарман " is dug out. The youth center "Аулак уй" where thematic evenings, creative meetings are spent here operates.