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Material and spiritual culture of ethnos

Material and spiritual culture of ethnos

German belongs to the West German subgroup of the German group of an Indo-European family of languages. In a basis of dialect partitioning of German dialects of the western-German tribes — Franks, Saxons, Touring, Alemán, Bavaria (bayuvars) laid down. Writing on the basis of Latin graphics. The Austrian and Swiss options of literary German differ from literary German in Germany different use of the literary language and character of its ratio with dialects and a spoken language. Divergences in oral speech between options of German are more considerable and caused by dialect partitioning of German.

Belief — Protestants (generally Lutherans) and Catholics. Among the Germans living outside of Germany, except Catholics and Lutherans, followers of other directions of Protestantism - baptists, Adventists, mennonites, five-foremen are quite numerous, etc.

The German traditional clothes start to develop with 16-17 centuries on the basis of the Middle Ages, elements of clothes and a city fashion. Basic elements of women's clothing - a corsage or a jacket, a skirt, an apron. The traditional man's suit consisted of a shirt, short or long trousers, a sleeveless jacket (after a waistcoat), a scarf, boots or boots. There are professional traditional shepherd’s clothes, chimney sweeps, miners, the Hamburg carpenters. Some calendar and family ceremonies, mainly at Catholics partially remained. From Germany in the 19th century the custom of an ornament of a fir-tree for New year or Christmas extended.

Traditional cuisine — chicken noodles (Noodle), soup with trickled pastries, fruit soup. For holidays cook pork or a goose with cabbage, bake pies (Koohe). There are some options of roll (strudel). For the winter smoke fat, meat and fish, do various sausages. From drinks prefer coffee.


In the oral folklore dominated Schwanks (short comic stories), fairy tales, sagas, a very popular folk dances and songs.