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Ukrainian national-cultural center

1.    Ukrainian national-cultural center


(national proverb)

In the end of XIX century in Kazakhstan was more than 85 thousand people. Now in Kazakhstan lives about 896240 Ukrainians, of them in the Karaganda region -107,098 people.

Society of Ukrainian language named of Taras Shevchenko "Рідне word" is valid from 1990. In its activity revival of the native language, studying of history of Ukraine, literature, development of original Ukrainian culture, revival of customs, traditions of Ukrainians, assistance to development of communications with the historical Homeland, cooperation with other national and cultural societies, friendship strengthening between the people living in the Republic of Kazakhstan are priority.

Society is proud of chorus of veterans, vocal groups. At it the Sunday school on studying of Ukrainian, history of Ukraine, the Ukrainian literature operates. Began tradition to note national traditions, customs. Meetings and the concerts devoted to Christmas, Shevchenko days, to Easter, the Independence Day of Ukraine, outstanding figures of the Ukrainian people are annually held. Besides, amateur collectives of society are involved with organizers of large holidays in the cities and area, in participation in all programs.

The name of outstanding Ukrainian poet T. Shevchenko is appropriated to society of Ukrainian. The actions devoted to Taras Shevchenko, are carried out annually. They include lectures, conferences, "round tables", concerts. Widely society celebrated the 190 anniversary since the birth of Taras Shevchenko. The association of Ukrainians of Kazakhstan together with Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan declared competition on the best carrying out anniversary Shevchenko actions. Representatives of the Karaganda Ukrainian society won the second place among the Ukrainian societies of Kazakhstan.

The Karaganda national and cultural center closely cooperates with Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It assists in providing Sunday school with textbooks, systematically sends the newsletter. Thanks to Embassy assistance, annually since 2000, in the improving center of the Crimea - "Arteke" children of members of society have a rest. And in 2003 and 2004 the group of children of 20 people had a rest in the youth improving center in the Carpathians in the Ivano-Frankovsk area.

According to the offer of group of the former prisoners of Stalin camps in 1997 to the lost fellow countrymen on donations of members of society memorable signs were built in the Spassk complex and in the settlement Kengir.

The positive contribution to life of the Ukrainian society is brought by the newspaper "Украінски новины" which leaves weekly in Astana in Ukrainian. It is an important source of information on life of Ukrainians in Kazakhstan, the main events in Ukraine, development of the Ukrainian-Kazakhstan relations.


The regional association of Ukrainian "Рідне слово" closely cooperates with other national and cultural centers.