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Modern political, social-economic development of Karaganda area.


1.       Karaganda - industrial capital of Kazakhstan.

·         JSC “Arselor Mittalstil Temirtau” Karaganda Metallurgical Combine. Coal mines.

·         JSC “Shubarkol komir”

·         LP “Corporation “Kazakmys”

·         Mine “Nurkazgan”

·         Zink plant

·         Karaganda steel plant PC “Imstalkon”

·         Machinery factory #1

·         LP “Karaganda factory of building materials”

·         “Karagandarubbermachinery”

·         Shakhtinsk’s plant detergents

·         PC “Karagandy-Nan”

·         PC “Karganda candies”

·         “Efes Karaganda”

2.       Karaganda space

3.       Agriculture

4.       Culture of region

Karaganda – industrial capital of Kazakhstan

The chronicle of pages of history of the Karaganda coal basin are connected with a city building of Karaganda. For rather small term - 70 years Karaganda from the small settlement of miners turned into the large industrial industrial center, became a smithy of highly-skilled personnel where the science, national education, health care successfully develops.

In development of mineral deposits the Karaganda area takes the major place in a mineral and raw complex of the Republic and barite - the polymetallic, copper ore, rare metal and carboniferous province of Kazakhstan is unique iron-manganese. Nearly 100 % of balance stocks of manganese of the Republic are concentrated to its territory, 70 % of barite, 54 — lead, 38 — zinc, 36 — copper stocks, 65 — molybdenum and 85 — tungsten, 32 — balance stocks of coals, including all 100 — being coked coals, 78 — wollastonite, about 9 % of stocks of gold, considerable stocks of hydrocarbonic raw materials etc. As of 01.04.2004 subsurface use in the Karaganda area is conducted according to 155 licenses and contracts, including production of mineral raw materials — on 104, investigation and production — on 44, investigation — on 7.

On manganese explored reserves the Karaganda area takes the third place in the world and 2е a place among CIS countries (after Ukraine). The dominant undertakings reconnoitering and developing manganese, ferromanganese and iron ore fields of area are JSC Zhayrem MPP, SG "Kazmarganets" JSC Kazchrome MNC, Orken LLP, Orken-Atasu LLP. The dominant mining and processing undertaking for lead-zinc ores is JV Nova-Tsink LLP. Besides, lead and zinc are in passing extracted by Kazakhmys Corporation LLP from complex copper ores. In 2003 in ACCORDING TO "Balkhashtsvetmet" «Corporations Kazakhmys» is constructed shop on production of zinc which in April, 2004 gave the first production. The dominant mining undertakings for processing of copper are Zhezkazgan and Balkhash combines of Corporation Kazakhmys LLP.

The current state of economy of area is characterized by essential changes of economic and social structure Specific weight of area in total amount of industrial production of the republic makes more than 15 percent. Today in the region more than 300 cooperation management and foreign enterprises operate. Largest of them are: JSC Kazakhmys Corporation representing the versatile mining and metallurgical enterprise with the finished cycle of production and uniting a number of plants, mines and power objects, and JSC Arselor Mittal including all enterprises of a full metallurgical cycle, coal mines of the Karaganda pool, combined heat and power plant, auxiliary and serving production infrastructure.

The large producer of manganese is JSC Zhayrem Mining. Leading enterprises in mechanical engineering and metal working are the Karaganda machine building plant of Parkhomenko. JSC Karagandagormash-NTEKS, JSC Karaganda engineering plant, JSC Karaganda Fabrication Facility Imstalkon, JSC Tekhol, JSC Kazchermetavtomatika and others. The dominant industrial undertakings making rubber and plastic products, are Karaganda rubber machinery LLP, JSC Saran rubber machinery, Voskhod LLP, in the chemical industry work: Temirtau chemical-metall plant LLP, in Plant detergents Coin Diterdzhets LLP Production of construction materials are engaged in JSC Central Azia Cement and Karaganda plant of asbestos cement productsLLP. The large enterprises of light industry are Gulden LLP and LLP, «Tomiris», food - Tulpar firm. For the solution of production tasks and requirements satisfaction of the population and introduction of new technologies new capacities and objects are put into operation operating production of spare parts to various cars and the technical equipment mining both processing industry and manufacturing of consumer goods increases.

Karaganda iron and steel works

The Karaganda area is one of industrial regions of our republic.

The decree about creation of the Karaganda steel works by the Government was signed on April 25, 1942. In October, 1948 the platform of construction of plant in which choice the group of researchers led by K.I.Satpayev took part is approved.

The advantageous economic and geographical position of large iron and manganese ores of Atasuysky and Zhezdinsk fields, limestones of the Top macaw, being coked coals of the Karaganda pool, the Samarkand reservoir and perspective areas of sale of steel products - defined Temirtau as the metallurgical center of Kazakhstan.

As a part of combine: coke production, sintering, blast furnace plant, iron and steel production, plate rolling, section rolling production.

The Karaganda iron and steel works was the largest enterprise of the ferrous metallurgy which production was delivered more than to 10 thousand consumers in the country and also abroad. The combine was the main supplier of the thin white tin, not alloyed dinamny steel, the low-alloyed steel for longerons of frames of supersize cars Kamaz, hot-rolled rolls for export.

Since 1990 the industry of area developed unstably, considerable decrease in industrial output was observed up to 1996; when on the average production was reduced more than by 15 %. Only since 1997 increase in production is noted, since 2000 till 2005 the volume of production increased for 8,4 %. Almost fourth part of processing industry of the Republic (23,7 %) is made in the Karaganda area.

The decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on November 17, 1995 Karmetkombinat carried over LNM group. ARSELOR-MITTAL. Today "ARSELOR-MITTAL" the modern enterprise of a world class delivering the production in more than 75 countries of the world. Into a production cycle of iron and steel works enter: Chemical production, 4 blast furnaces in the general productive capacity more than 5 million tons of cast iron a year. For production of competitive production of joint stock company «Arselor-Mittal completely modernized the equipment, the necessary attestative tests corresponding to the international standards were carried out.

JSC Shubarkol Komir 1985 started to be developed unique Shubarkolsky coal mine. For open-cast mining the top coal horizon in capacity of 25-35 meters on a depth from 10 to 150 meters is opened. The general industrial stocks make 1,7 billion tons of coal. Coal of the Shubarkol field really is unique, not having analog in the world. At an ash-content of only 8 % it has the very high - from 5400 to 5700 kilocalories on kg a teplotvornost. At the content of sulfur of 0,5 % it is considered the most non-polluting. Volumes of its production every year grow. By 2008 annual production will reach 6 million tons.

By Kazakhmys Corporation LLP - it is created on June 11, 1997 on the basis of JSC Zhezkazgantsvetmet, the largest producer of copper not only in the Republic, but also in CIS countries, on volume of its production it enters into the first ten the companies of the world. Annually 17 mines and 2 coal mines give to the surface nearly 40 million tons of ore and 7 million tons of coal, and its enterprises make about 400 thousand tons of the refined copper, more than 4,5 thousands kg of gold in ingots and to 638 tons of silver in granules. Besides, divisions of Corporation let out a copper katanka, a zinc concentrate and metal zinc. Specific weight «Corporations Kazakhmys» in total amount of industrial production following the results of the 4th months 2006 makes 52,6 %.

The enterprises of corporation are equipped with the latest equipment made at plants of the world famous companies "Katerpiller", "Bumar", "Volvo", "Tamrok", and «Kopko's Atlas». At the enterprises of corporation more than 50 thousand people work.

To Kazakhmys Corporation LLP - socially oriented, give particular attention to social wellbeing, both the workers, and inhabitants of regions in whom its enterprises function. The corporation annually spends about 20 million US dollars for the maintenance of the social sphere of area. The Balkhashtsvetmet production association as a part of Kazakhmys corporation adequately represents our country in the world industrial market, taking a place of honor in ten leaders conduct copper powers. And on production of silver Balkhash dragmetalny plant on the fourth or fifth place in the world.

On November 24, 1938 the first Balkhash draft copper is received. This day is considered birthday of Balkhash mining and metallurgical combine. For 60 with superfluous years the combine passed the big and difficult way noted by considerable achievements and successes. With finding of independence of our state the combine left on a new round of the development thanks to attraction of the foreign capital, namely Kazakhmys corporation.

Today BGMK is structural division of Kazakhmys corporation. This large industrial enterprise with the finished manufacturing lead time incorporating three mountain enterprises - the Konrad, Sayak, Shatyrkul mines fulfilling copper fields in the open way. End products of factory is the copper concentrate which in metallurgical shop is processed to draft copper which goes on production of medeplavilny production.

In 1995 the shop on production enameled wire, constructed on technology of the Austrian MAT firm entered into a system. This shop at work on full capacity is capable to satisfy completely need of Kazakhstan for this type of production. Production which is let out by Balkhash mining and metallurgical combine doesn't concede to the international standards to what numerous prizes and awards in a museum exposition testify.

The Nurkazgan mine is educated in 2003, is the powerful mining enterprise providing with raw materials of precious metals of Balkhash copper-smelting plant. It was open in the 2nd half of 2003 by forces of Kazakhmys corporation. Every day from mine copes for processing to 160 cars of raw materials. At the same time with production on "Nurkazgan" there is a construction of concentrating factory and shtolnevy mine for elevating production of ore. With a growth in volumes of extraction of ore of Nurkazgan» surely leaves in a row the dominant gold mining undertakings of the republic. Shop on production of metals - the unique enterprise for the technical characteristics. Advantage of technology consists that the main impurity are taken at an initial stage of metallurgical process. At plant jeweler production where jewels are made of the melted precious metals is organized.

The zinc plant was let out in a system operating in ACCORDING TO Balkhashcolmet» in 2002. The plant in a year gives out 100 thousand tons of chuzhkovy zinc. The plant has good prospects. Demand and the prices for zinc in the world market are stable and rather high.

The Karaganda plant of a metalwork of JSC Imstalkon the enterprise Largest in the profile in Kazakhstan, delivering domestic market of a metal construction of any complexity and a configuration. On input let out unique designs of suspension and air bridges. Among significant products of plant of a metalwork of such objects, as the bridge through Irtysh in Semipalatinsk, a television tower to Almaty, the passenger terminal of the capital airport, a monument "Bayterek" in Astana, many buildings and constructions in Karaganda. The plant annually lets out production for the sum about 4 billion tenge. In it over 1000 people work.

Machine works No. 1

The Karaganda machine building plant No. 1 is educated in 1955 on the basis of the central electromechanical workshops of combine Karagandaucoal». The plant is engaged in manufacturing of hydroracks of power and operating hydraulics, the non-standard equipment, spare parts, capital repair of the gornoshakhtny equipment, and also production of hydraulics on tractors and agricultural cars. Is in great demand in the markets of CIS countries.

LLP "Karaganda factory of building materials" it is formed in 2001 on the basis of Karaganda shaft sinking brick-works. The plant has powerful technological base, shop on production of a brick in capacity to 1 million pieces a month, the modern specialized equipment and equipment - bulldozers, cars KAMAZ etc.

"Karaganda rubber machinery"

Its construction was begun in 1967. The first capacities are entered in December, 1974. The plant provided with rubber technical products of the enterprise of Kazakhstan, Russia, Central Asia. In 1998, owing to the developed circumstances to which number it is possible to refer payment arrears crisis, inefficient management, an inexpedient expenditure of money, etc. JSC Karaganda rubber machinery was is declared bancrupt.

Renewed the work plant in January, 2000, as association limited liability

Today Karaganda rubber technician LLP - is one of the rubber technician products world's largest by the Kazakhstan producer.

This modern enterprise with the highly skilled personnel. The plant has own test base allowing operatively to make processing, improving different types of production.

Shakhtinsk plant of synthetic detergents.

This plant was entered into production in 1974, as the enterprise specializing on release of consumer goods (laundry detergents, toilet soap, shampoos).

In 1992 plant reconstruction with involvement of the foreign company began. In the absence of means in 1993 reconstruction was suspended. In 1995 the plant was stopped and preserved. And in 1997 it was redeemed by the London company "Cion Detergents Ltd". then the Shakhtinsk plant of synthetic detergents was transformed to Coin Diterdzhents LLP which since May, 2000 started reconstruction and modernization of shops on production of synthetic detergents.

Design capacity of production of synthetic detergents as a result of reconstruction was increased with 30 to 60 thousand tons of laundry detergent a year.

Today Shakhtinsk plant on production of SD - the newest in Europe and the CIS, capable to make extensive scale of laundry detergents at level of the highest international standards.

PC "Karaganda-Nan"

JSC Karaganda-Nan main activity production of high-quality, non-polluting food.

Structural divisions of open joint stock company of Karaganda-Nan»:

- Bread and Pasta - confectionery factory;

- Karaganda Flour Mill;

- "Kurm's" integrated poultry farm;

- agricultural Medeo complex;

- motor transportation enterprise "Agrotransservice"; - a trading house with an extensive network of firm shops;

- trading and production Three-copecks piece Dang complex;

- "Karkaraly's" trading and purchasing point.

Bread and Pasta - confectionery factory - the largest in Kazakhstan and time it the largest in the Karaganda area the producer bakery and confectionery. The combine carefully stores classical recipes of manufacturing of bread and constantly introduces advanced technologies. We see every day production of this combine at ourselves on a table: it is bread Semirechensky», "Miner's", a long loaf cut, "Novoborodinsky". In May, 1999 at bread and pasta combine the new shop on production of soft drinks and berry juices is open.

Karaganda flour mill reckons the activity since October 24, 1941, from the moment of signing of the general act of delivery. Now Karaganda flor mill turned large in the Central Kazakhstan the enterprise for processing and grain storage.

Since 1996 flour mill was a part of joint stock company of "Karaganda-Nan". Serious modernization of production construction and reconstruction of production rooms from this point began.

In days it is capable to process more than 540 tons of grain in a flour and more than 400 tons of grain in compound feeds. Production the mill combine exports the to CIS countries - Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and also foreign countries.

JSC Karaganda’s Candies - today one of the leading food enterprises of Kazakhstan, its production know and love thousands people the Realized capacity of factory of 4 600 tons of production a year. Pride of factory are two latest shops which have no analogs in Kazakhstan is an ekstruderny shop where make chips "Crunch", and also air sweets, multilayered chocolate bars "Ping-Pong", "Gnom", "Vampire" etc.

Today more than 80 product names are issued: these are chocolates, fruit candy, an iris.

Repeatedly, for high quality and design of JSC Karaganda’s Candies it was awarded by diplomas and awards of the international exhibitions.

«Efes - Karaganda»

Joint stock company the foreign enterprise «Efes - Karaganda» brewery. The Karaganda brewery is constructed in 1958. The capacity of plant was 1,5 million l of beer a year.

The Efes company - redeemed brewery in 1997, and began reconstruction, having inhaled the second life in production of beer in Karaganda, as a result of the carried-out actions the capacity of plant increased to 40 million l. beer in year, quality and design are approached to the European standards. The plant makes 4 grades of beer: "Karaganda", "Miner's", «Fires of Magnitogorsk», «The old miller» - which release is mastered in 2001. Quality beer that diplomas and awards from the international exhibitions and republican tastings confirm allows to let out steady traditions and continuous updating. The period of independence of the republic is characterized by formation and development of business, small and medium business.

In our exposition this sector of economy of area are presented to Aysberg LLP - a sort of their activity - production and ice-cream realization, they make the production on the Italian equipment. Ice-cream of this factory of the highest quality also answers the international standards to what diplomas and certificates testify.

Karaganda space

The Baikonur spaceport - a unique scientific and technical and social complex. It is the world launch pad in space and a symbol of a space age.

In 1954 the commission on a place choice for spaceport construction is created. Its structure included experts in space-rocket equipment, planning and construction of large land complexes, geodesists, power engineering specialists, weather forecasters. Their choice fell on one of the regions of Kazakhstan.

At a place choice for construction of the spaceport good conditions for safety of start-up of rockets were considered its sufficient remoteness from large settlements, and also.

In the same 1954 design institutes developed and gave out a city and spaceport design assignment.

On February 12, 1955 the Resolution of Council of ministers of the USSR In creation of the rocket range, future spaceport "Baikonur" was signed. The starting Complex of the spaceport covers 85 km, from the North to the south and 125 km, from the West to the east. Besides the starting area, 22 fields of falling of the fulfilled steps of rockets belong to the spaceport, the area of 4,8 million hectares.

In 1957 the first carrier rocket was delivered to Baikonur Cosmodrome.

For last years from the spaceport more than 1200 spacecrafts and 100 interplanetary ballistic missiles are started. Within 50 years on In the Baikonur complex very important scientific technical programs were realized.

Our fellow countrymen took part in construction of Baikonur also. This is the deserved builder of Kazakhstan lieutenant colonel Omarbayev Marat Sharipovich, the first deputy director general of the Republican State enterprise "Infrakos" being structure of national space agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With its direct participation the starting and landing Energy-Buran complexes, other space-rocket complexes and special objects of Baikonur Cosmodrome were created.

From launch pads of Baikonur the first-ever artificial satellite of Earth, automatic stations "Moon", Venus», "Mars" and long-term scientific stations "Salyut" is started.

On April 12, 1961 the spaceship - the first cosmonaut of a planet Yury Gagarin rose in space.

Since 1962 the space age of Karaganda began. For the first time in the territory of the Karaganda area cosmonauts Andrian Nikolaev and Pavel Popov landed occurred on August 15, 1962, after joint flight space the ships "East-3" and "East-4". On June 19, 1963 at 11 o'clock 20 minutes the spaceship «the East 6» piloted by the first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova made landing near the city of Karaganda, and in 14 hours of 06 minutes приземли the East-5 spaceship piloted by Valery Bykovsky. On October 13, 1964 Karaganda inhabitant met the crew of the Rising spaceship piloted by crew - Vladimir Komarov Konstantin Feoktistov and Boris Egorov.

In January, 1969 the Karaganda earth met crew members of first-ever experimental station of cosmonauts of A.Yeliseyev V. Volynov, V. Shatalov, E.Hrunov. In October, 1969 - members of crews of a space squadron from three spaceships "Union-6", "Union-7", "Union-8" of space pilots of G. Shonin, V. Kubasova, A.Filipchenko, V. Volkov, V. Gorbatko, V. Shatalov, A.Yeliseyev.

In a consequence, crews of spaceships "Union", "Union T". "TM union" also landed in the preset area of the Karaganda area. On places of a landing of spaceships memorial constructions, in due time, were established. Names of cosmonauts are included in the Book of honorary citizens of Karaganda and Zhezkazgan. In honor of cosmonauts in Karaganda the round desktop medal «Karaganda - space harbor» is made. Streets and the areas of the cities of our area are called their names.

T.Aubakirov - the first Kazakh cosmonaut. He made the flight on October 2, 1991 by the transport ship "TM-13 Union" and Mir stations as a part of the Soviet-Austrian crew: the commander of the ship - colonel Alexander Volkov and the cosmonaut-researcher, the representative of Austria Franz Fibek.


For 2007 in area there were 290 agricultural enterprises, 6238 farmer and country farms, 115,5 thousand personal part-time farms.

After transition of independent Kazakhstan to the new, market relations, complex challenges rose before agricultural industry of area. The state grants on separate branches of agricultural industry ended, the prices for the industrial goods, combustive-lubricating materials were risen. On the basis of the former state farms farms, LLP, began to be created by joint stock company, etc. on which the property of state farms was distributed.

The purposeful policy of the leadership of Kazakhstan, the regional management allowed to overcome a crisis situation in agricultural industry by the beginning of a new eyelid. With a view of effective conducting agrobusiness real state support in volume of 2 billion 180 million tenges, including 299,6 million tenges — from the regional budget was rendered to more than 6 thousand agricultural formations. The state investment was carried out not only through the budgetary programs by subsidies and the budgetary crediting, but also through such new forms, as rural credit partnerships (RCP) and Fund of financial support of agricultural industry.

Active work of the regional commission at department of agricultural industry by definition of the most perspective areas for RCP and representation of JSC Agrarian credit corporation allowed to unite in 2005 of 207 agricultural producers and to create with their participation in addition 3 SKT in Aktogay, Zhanaarkinsk and Shetsk areas. In total operating in the field of 7 RSP in 2005 according to 80 projects it was given out soft loans for the sum of 191,3 million tenges. Together with branch of Fund of financial support of agricultural industry rural districts for pilot microcrediting through fund at the expense of means of the republican budget were defined. Households of Aktogay, Karkaraly, Osakarov, Bukharzhyrau, Shetsk and Zhanaarkinsk areas received 434 credits for the sum of 34,2 million tenges.

Investments in agrarian sector of extrabudgetary funds grew. Stabilization of agricultural production increased trust from bank structures. Plan of the main actions annually developed and realized in area on the aul revival, renewed patronage communications between the area cities, real production sector and rural districts, allowed to involve in 2005 on the village of 1 billion 829 million tenges of off-budget investments. System work on development of the leasing and credit relations led to improvement of installed power per employee of agroformations. In 2006 in leasing according to the budgetary programs 56 units of agricultural machinery, including 8 combines — at the expense of the regional budget were acquired. In addition, at the expense of soft loans through JSC Kazagrofinance MTS in the Osakarov area is created, from the regional budget 260 million tenges of credit resources are allocated for creation specialized agroservice of the centers in Zhanaarkinsk, Abay and Bukharzhyrau areas.

Within State Agricultural and Food programs of the Karaganda area for 2003-2005 the state by subsidizing and preferential crediting directed more than 4,8 billion tenge on fight against especially dangerous wreckers and diseases of plants and animals, on reduction of the cost of fuels and lubricants, elite seeds, breeding production, mineral fertilizers, services in delivery of irrigation water, equipment and equipment leasing.

During realization of the program by Agricultural and Food installed such capacities as Magnitogorsk LLP, constructed milk recombining plant in Karaganda, lines on production of compound feeds and on slaughter of birds on Aknar PF LLP integrated poultry farm, complexes on milk processing on Nour CX LLP and «Ayan by M», mill shops on Kader LLP and JSC Sary Arka Nan, culinary shop on release of semi-finished products on JSC Karagandy Nan are started.

In the forthcoming period for agro-industrial complex, according to the Message of the Head of state to the people of Kazakhstan, the main task is defined: to provide growth of competitiveness of agricultural production on the basis of industrialization of agrarian production and development of klaster initiatives in the sphere of production and processing of agricultural raw materials. The Regional program of a sustainable development of agro-industrial complex of the Karaganda area is developed for its realization by Department of agricultural industry for 2006-2010.

The quantity of a livestock of all animal species makes: Cattle — 443 thousand heads; sheep, goats — 946 thousand; horses — 120 thousand; pigs — 151 thousand; birds — 1 million 211 thousand; camels — 1 thousand 211 heads. The total area of crops makes: the grain — 820 thousand hectares; the fodder — 216,2 thousand hectares; potato and vegetable — 2,830 thousand hectares; olive cultures occupied 470 hectares, from which 100 hectares — a high-albuminous soya.

Culture of region

In the Karaganda area the branched-out network of the organizations of culture and the art which total number in 2009 reached – 701 functions, including the state network made 643 objects.

The state network includes: 339 libraries, 244 organizations of club type, 21 video mobiles, 5 theaters, 17 museums, 2 concert organizations, regional scientific and methodical center of leisure and national creativity, State inspectorate for protection of historical and cultural heritage, zoo, 10 recreation parks, film distribution, showroom.

In 1 half-year 2009 the state network of cultural institutions increased by 10 objects:

- are transferred in the state network - clubs in villages Fruitful (Andreynikovka), Aktobe, Karazhal, Belagash of the Bukharzhyrau area, Kiikta's page of the Shetsk area; clubs in the village Zhidebay of the Aktogay area, Algabas of the Bukharzhyrau area, page Abyz of the Karkaraly area, with Kengir Zhezkazgan are open. In the regional center of the item of Kiyevka of the Nurinsk area the recreation park is open;

- 2 libraries are open: in the village. A red Field of the Bukharzhyrau area and in the village Bidaik of the Zhanarkinsk area, 2 libraries – in offices Zhanibek and Edrey of rural districts Kyrgyz and Madi of the Karkaraly area are closed.

The Internet for the end of the reporting period 150 libraries use services. In libraries of area of 140 mail electronic boxes. For the reporting period openly 22. It is exposed on the Internet of 36 sites.

Libraries (by region)

At the plan of 305 thousand readers for the reporting period libraries of area served 306,7 thousand readers. From them on the village – 100,7 thousand readers. 6194 thousand library documents are given out.

On acquisition of fund of documents within a year it was directed budgetary funds of 31473,2 thousand tenges, including on the periodical press – 16251,9 thousand tenges.

Modeling libraries – 81, including rural – 78.

All work of libraries of area was directed on realization of key priorities – modernization and development of infrastructure of public libraries of area. Thus a main goal were: improvement of access of citizens to information and knowledge, creation of a uniform (common regional) network of libraries, ensuring information and cultural integrity.

5365 mass actions are carried out at the plan 5056. On them there were 124,4 thousand people. Rural libraries – 3229 actions with coverage of 65,2 thousand readers.

Clubs (by region)

In 1 half-year 2009 the organizations of culture of club type of area carried out 14009 actions, 1639,2 thousand people, including on the village of 11020 actions with number of the audience of 1071,6 thousand people are captured. In comparison with the similar period of 2008 the number of the carried-out actions decreased, as in many clubs of area repair work within realization of the Road map is conducted.

From paid services for the reporting period 28394 thousand tenges arrived that for 23,2 % it is more in comparison with the similar period of 2008.

In club establishments of area works 1461 club formations with number of participants 26699. In total on area 94 collectives of amateur performances carry honorary titles "National" and "Exemplary", including in the club organizations of the state network of 57 collectives.

For service of inhabitants of the settlements which do not have stationary cultural institutions, in area function 21 mobile complexes – video mobiles to "Zerda". In 1 half-year 2009 796 departures are carried out, 1280 settlements are served, 2644 cultural and leisure actions which were visited by 270,2 thousand people are carried out.

Theaters (by region)

In area 5 theatrical collectives work. In a half-year 2009 18 new statements are put. In total performances it is given 671 with coverage of 107,2 thousand people. The income of performances was made by 19749,9 thousand tenges.

For the reporting period anniversary creative evenings of the actress of Russian drama theater took place of. K.Stanislavsky T. Fedorenko (the 45 anniversary of creative activity), actresses of the Kazakh drama theater of S. Seyfullin B. Kemalova (the 30 anniversary of creative activity), the national actor of RK, the honored worker of RK, the art director of zhezkazgan musical and drama theater of S. Kozhamkulov D. Zhanbotayev.

Staff of theaters left on a tour according to the plan. The creative staff of theater of S. Seyfullin took part at the X-th International theatrical festival to Trabzon (Turkey) with performance « Домалақ Ана » S.Murtaza. Tours of doll group of Zhezkazgansky musical and drama theater of S. Kozhamkulov took place in Kokshetau, Kyzylord, Karaganda. The drama troupe of this theater left with tours to Balkhash. The theater of S. Seyfullin went on tour on the Zhezkazgan region.

All theatrical collectives left on small tours on satellite towns. Service of the remote areas, villages and auls was carried out according to the program « Ауылым – алтын бесігім ».

Concert organizaions (by region)

Gala concert of concert association of became solemn end of a cycle of actions devoted to the 70 anniversary of a philharmonic society. K.Bayzhanova on February 7, 2009 with participation of all creative collectives of association.

Within a creative exchange between philharmonic societies on a scene of a concert hall of "Shalkyma" made artists philharmonic societies of Astana the program devoted to the 135 anniversary of S. V. Rakhmaninov.

Tours of a symphonic orchestra on the cities of Germany took place. In 10 days of tours 12 concerts were given. All concerts passed at full notices with big success. With an orchestra were the soloist national ensemble of RK of A.Musakhodzhayev, the honored artist of Russia of E.Kolisnichenko, L.Isakadze.

The reporting period was saturated bright concert performances. It is a concert of violin and chamber music with participation of winners of the international competitions of Armand Murzagaliyev (a violin, the USA) and Erlan Mansurov (a piano, Astana), a concert of an orchestra of "Kazakhstan’s Kameran" with the national actress of RK Gaukhar Murzabekova, the concert of jazz music with participation of the winner of the international competitions of Irina Rodiles (Moscow), made a speech at closing of a season of a symphonic orchestra the winner of the international competitions A.Komarov (a piano, Moscow), etc. Concerts of young talented musicians – winners of the international competitions, owners of a grant "Bolashak", graduates of Royal college of music (London) Botagoz and Bolat Tynybekova, pupils of music school "Dyupre" (Bologna, Italy) used success of the Karaganda audience also

In the Zhezkazgan region collectives of the Zhezkazgan philharmonic society of T.Kalmagambetova involved in a regional festival «Ұлытау үні» and Republican akyn’s aitys. Creative collectives of the Zhezkazgan philharmonic society addressed with concert programs to listeners of Almaty and Karaganda area. Creative evenings of leading soloists of a philharmonic society the honored artist of RK of B. Koshenov, Z.Omarova, G. Zhidebayeva were organized.

Museum(by region)

The total of the exhibits which are storing in museums of area for 01.07.2009 makes 288,3 thousand units of storage. According to the program of ensuring safety, the account, acquisition and studying of historical and cultural heritage by museums of area collecting and research work is conducted. In 1 half-year 2009 museums of area collected 2958 units of storage that on 300 exhibits more than for the similar period for 2008.

For the reporting period museums of area were visited by 231,6 thousand people that on 4,7 thousand it is more than in a half-year 2008 (226,9 thousand people).

Exhibition activity is stirred up. Growth of traveling and exchange exhibitions on areas and the area cities is observed. For the reporting period by museums it is organized 319 stationary, traveling and exchange exhibitions that on 27 more than in a half-year 2008 (292). On stationary expositions, traveling and exchange exhibitions are carried out 4373 sightseeing and thematic tours that on 154 it is more in comparison with 1 half-year 2008.

Research and search work of museums is conducted on studying of materials on ethnography, national creativity, arts and crafts, archeology of history of edge. Within implementation of the regional Cultural heritage program historical and ethnographic and folklore expedition to the Karkaraly area is carried out. During expedition the chronicle of history of edge, genealogy of Kazakhs and other ethnographic materials was collected, carried out photo and video filming of ancient places of the item Egindybulak. Study tours of employees in archives of of Almaty, Pavlodar, Zhezkazgan are carried out. Collecting a local history material from library and museum stocks of Ulytau, Karkaraly, Osakarov areas is carried out.

In area different genres festivals, competitions, the reviews revealing new names and new collectives, and also the public and professional holidays, social and significant and anniversary actions are held.

The scope of mass actions corresponded to political and public life of the republic. The events directed on development of a state language and promotion of the state symbols of RK were held.

Such holidays were widely celebrated as Put unities of the people of Kazakhstan, the Victory Day, Put memories of victims of political repressions.

Information and educational work on promotion and explanation of President's letters was continued. Work on programs «Electronic government», "Cultural heritage" was carried out.

By the International day of museums, the 75 anniversary of Karaganda the management of culture of the Karaganda area and a regional local history museum held a regional festival «Museum spring» where area museums took part. The regional festival «Museum spring» was conducted within realization of a state program "Cultural heritage" and the purposes of expansion of exchange exhibitions for promotion of share collections of museums of area, promotion of a cultural heritage of the nationalities living in edge, and also an exchange of experience of museum work. The web portal presentation «Museums of the Karaganda area», created regional local history a museum took place.

Cycles of the actions devoted to the 20 anniversary of a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan are carried out: the evenings meetings, the dramatized concert programs, information hours and book exhibitions.

In cultural and leisure establishments active work on healthy lifestyle promotion is conducted. For the reporting period thematic talks, musically sports actions and quizes, youth actions by Day of fight against drugs and information and informative conversations were everywhere given.

With a view of increase of professional level of organizers of leisure; an exchange of organizational and creative experience and search of new methods, receptions and the forms answering to inquiries of the present with the regional scientific and methodical center of leisure and national creativity regional exit seminars on subjects were held:” Жастар мәдениеті – клуб өмірі”-" Youth culture – club life "and "Клубтық жұмыстың креативті бағыты"-" the creative directions of club work». Specialists of management of culture of the Karaganda area and the center took part in seminars, the following directions were considered: explanatory work on promotion of the annual Message of the Head of state N.A.Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan, «Acts in the culture sphere», «Мәдени-сауық ұйымдарының қазіргі кезеңдегі беделі», «Youth subculture. Cultural wealth of youth culture», «Клубтық мәдени іс-шаралардың сценарлық жүйесі мен режиссурасының заманауи әдістері», «Аула клубтары отбасы тәрбиесі мен ойын-сауық орталығы» and others with use of video and a slide material.

During carrying out a seminar from management of culture of the Karaganda area sets of the sound equipment акимам villages Kulaygyr of the Abay area, Akzhal of the Shetsk area, Shashubay of the Aktogay area were handed over.


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